Role Warfare: Health and Healing 2


Terrible update

Pvp matches are now too long and Ifrit/flatline combo has no counter

The game is broken




I love how the only tactic against that team is surviving for 3 mins and killing someone in the last 15 secs :smiley:


They need to make death while under heal block unrecoverable. That character cant rez again. Then boost the time that heal block lasts for the two characters that have the skill.


I’m hoping they take a good look at Galante. Maybe give him a damage buff, health improvements, and a new skin if possible. He has the potential to easily be one of the best Mech heroes


I’m tired of this health and healing update the time it takes the only goal is to have healers revive come back to the old pvp fast and fun …


Please fix gammond, I invested so much in him and now you made him like a baby boy


I completely agree, everything that made us invest in Gammond is gone and now he’s near useless. He’s been nerfed too many times and now its time to bring him back to the level of decency he deserves. How TF is a cop supposed to save and protect people with those weak heals?


You’re right, 5000 healing per second? Really? If a player at lowest health it means that healing factor is nothing to him. He’s gone.


Like I said in a previous comment, a big group of healers is useless, the damage update will really show how low the healing is


I’d be totally fine with Gammond’s healing being crappy if they reconfigured him into the DPS Energy hero that we desperately need. Up his per shot rifle damage, change Kill Shot back to the hard-hitting area-of-effect knock out punch it used to be, and give him a Legendary Skin that allows us to swap his absolutely USELESS Gold skill into something offensive based.

Right now he has no role. Serve and Protect doesn’t heal enough, Kill Shot is a tickle at high power levels, and his generous health pool is rendered useless by the fact that both Dog and Panzer can still shred him within the first 20 seconds of a match. He’s not even a useful bullet sponge. He was my fav Hero for months and now I never throw him into PvP because he’s a liability in this meta.


My biggest issue with Gammond is his gold skill being practically non-existent. In almost 150 days of gameplay I saw him being the last hero 3 or 4 times, and resurrecting someone just once.

A skill that activates once a month, and displays full potential once every 5 months is a joke.


Honestly have only ever seen it in action in min maxing and 2 man teams


Gammond is bad, but Matador is even worse. These heroes use to be pretty good, but now they are just a liability.


Like Mechanical Faction have High DPS heroes like Dogface and panzer. There should be also for Power faction. I think Chemical have already like Salvatore and Maven.


Please HH;

Make DPS Heroes great again… Ofc, healers and tanks have their rightful places but things should stay in balance.

Right now there is NO balance at all. 4 healer or 3 healer-1 tank with 1 dps teams all around. Recently you guys had to fix ifrit-filatline nightmare combo. But horror continues as logic is still the same. Its impossible to hack through healer wall most of the times. And please make the Pvp a bit more fast paced if not like before. Just a bit more. Right now the games are too long. Some takes the whole 3 min… Thats insane thinking how to grind under those circumstances.