Role Warfare: Health and Healing 2


To be fair, I don’t think 8 support heroes can result in a short match.


You and I both started about 4 months ago. I typically run 3 supports and 2 dps. Prior to today, I can count the number of fights that went the distance on one hand; assuming you discount the cowardly Mandrake stealths up and runs and hides for the last 2 minutes of the match to avoid a loss. I bet your experience is similar to mine.


Totally agreed. But yesterday patch changed the way the game works. Matches wouldn’t last that long with 4 supports, because the dps (Dogface, Odachi, Panzer, etc) could kill one or even two enemies with his first magazine.

Since health pools have been increased, that is no longer possible, so we now need to create teams with more than 1 damage.

Anyway, game will be a bit unbalanced until they finish the “Role Warfare” patches, probably.


Game Balance is an ongoing effort. We are listening to feedback to see how we are doing.

This first update is only part of a much large bundle of updates that will be enforcing the Role Warfare initiative.


Yeah, also the damage taken away on the healers is feeling a bit to much, since a healer team just ends in a stall, I really wonder how the other roles will be filled in though.

More health feels better, more heroes have a chance to do something, but adding mass damage again might result in the same we had before but with higher numbers

Just tried this for the fun of it, this was my longest one so far :joy:


I hope you’re right, brother.


It does amuse me when people run comps with 4 supports/tanks and 1 DPS then act shocked that their games take forever to finish.

People should be encouraged to run multiple DPS even if it means they might die sometimes because they arent surrounded by 4 supports.


I was just messing around that one, I wasn’t shocked, just thought it was funny no hero died in 3 minutes


Could you, please, make clear what mods(offensive and defensive in hero’s info) are?


Your worries came true hiemlock is ridiculous now fought one with almost 700k in health and his gold skill gives 100k + additional health at the game start pair him with nightingale and mandrake and it’s a nightmare because they won’t die


I was hopeful that these changes would better the game and make more heroes viable. I was wrong. This update is BRUTAL. The four support + DPS comp is everywhere (Nightingale/Caine/Heimlock/Mandrake + DPS may be the worst). Running more DPS and less support to try and out damage the heals just doesn’t work with how quickly Gale spams healing and Caine throws shields. And if you do get close to a kill there’s Heimlock damage reduction and Drake invis to pull them out of the fire.

Only answer is to run the same type of setup. Maybe you’ll come out on top, maybe you won’t…but no matter what you’ll feel like you lost because it’ll be a joyless 3 minute slog.


@FourFingers I’m actually running less support now, 2 is enough I think, I even scored more points without Drake.

But I used the team you described, it mostly ends in a tie


Anyone try a heal block team vs that support group? Would a callidus make a dent in the wall?


Sapphyr too. They are almost a necessity at this point. Although with the adjusted HP, sapphyr and callidus healblock duration should be increased.


I am glad that this has shaken things up a bit. PVP being just “Mandrake + 4” was extremely stale. At least players now have to pick carefully who they need to run together.

If the min/max issue can be taken care of, we might actually be on the way to this game having a somewhat balanced PVP.


I am not very pleased with this uptade either. The matches are about who is taking out the opponents damage dealer first. The one who does it has a 90+% winning chance. Before the update, you could win, because damage dealers were squishy and you could take them out with tanks or support. Now, if you only have tanks and support left, you can only stand there, waiting for your slooooooooooww death. Why were the tanks made even more tanky, while damage was taken away? Why didn´t you just higher their HP more then the other heroes, would have made them more tanky too. No one cares about the tanks anymore. Just let them tickle you and go for the real threat. You can take care of them in the late game, when you can attack them with two or three heroes at once.

The absolut worst for me is Cast and Keel. Why did you change them? They were well balanced heroes. Now they are useless. Cast already was an amazing Tank with his 25% damage reduction on Gold. Now he tanks even more, but does almost no damage. He is simply ignored now, because he is no threat. Just go on him in the end and he will be down easy.
I never experienced Keels Scavange as to strong. It was a good quick heal in the beginning, but after the first 15 seconds you can´t only shoot cover anymore, you have to go for the heroes and her Scavange was rarely triggered. Now she is just a weak healer with semi good damage, who completly exposes herself while healing and is just begging for a kill.
I could continue with more. Gammond? He was a Tank/Heal before, while dealing almost no damage after beeing nerfed to the ground. No he doesn´t even have a decent heal anymore. 130k heal that takes 20 seconds? My Nightingale does the same with a star less and a level 1 Skin. But it only takes her 15 seconds and 2/3 of it is instant.

Don´t get me wrong, I like the idea of giving more heroes the chance to use their skills. But it needs some rebalance, because you made even more heroes useless. The only hero i see in PvP more often than before is Flatline. Apart from this, the heroes used are the same as before.


I see this team everywhere! And the worst part is that DPS hero is a min-maxed Panzer. Agreed that bringing more DPS heroes just cannot out-damage a Combat Medic Nightingale’s group heal. If you do try to bring more DPS heroes, Panzer just wipes them out in 1-2 clips. Tbh, when I do see teams like these, I just let it autoplay and wait for my torment to end, thinking to myself what horrors have I done in my past lifetime that I deserve this?

It’s sad to see that PvP is going down such a tainted road that the only way to actually win is to (1) run a min-maxed team yourself and try to take advantage of others, (2) run a specific team that just out-heals and out-damages any other team (sucks for you if you don’t have those heroes :rofl:), or (3) avoid PvP like the plague.


The healing in PvP is a joke now. Hero’s go from a sliver of health to full health almost instantly. PvP is far worse than it was and now it’s not even worth playing. If an opponent comes in with 3-4 healers, you will lose 90% of the time unless you play the same healing hero’s. PvP is now a game of “who has the best healers” and that’s all that really matters. Not to mention all the hero’s in PvP that heal but don’t have a healing ability. Play a few and I’m sure you’ll run into a player who does this. Ryker, Butter and Salvadore, all gold. Can you tell me which one has healing ability cause I just played a guy who kept healing with only these 3 hero’s left


The face that now i need to play pvp at least twice longer than before pisses me of, i want to play the game and participate in pvp events.
Now it just takes too much time and i dont really have that much time for a game.
Really upset with this update, pvp was better before, hope next update will change this


This is why I was asking for more details before they actually executed their idea of “ROLE WARFARE”

They claimed that there are health improvements but healing would be rebalanced to “reduce the strength of passive team healing” and “push heroes into new roles”

Then they said to “look forward to a more detailed breakdown” but implements them first before getting the community feedback or having a pretest.

I hope we can have a more detailed information first (Ex. Healing reduced to 20% from 50% etc) before implementation begins.

From heal and deal, the meta became heal and revive. And I thought they were nerfing heals to make neglected toons more viable. Haha