Role Warfare: Health and Healing 2


Yeah, new update definitely bad for PvP. My matches are lasting almost the entire allotted time.


Sounds good, then maybe all heros get a chance to do something.


maybe try it in practice before commenting on how it sounds?


So far I’m loving it, been playing 10 matches and sure, they’re longer than before - try to adapt and overcome before making hasted comments on a first impression. :wink:
Loved seeing my previously kinda (for PVP) useless heroes run around and do their thing.


You’re clearly exaggerating which makes it hard for me to meet your arguments, and making insulting comments about my (lack of) life which you know nothing about - so please change your tone or don’t reply at all.

Argument is: I like the longer battles, you don’t. That’s that. Right now the battles are gonna be lengthier than before - so adapt or don’t play - they will rebalance damage eventually as well, I’m sure of it, and if the game makes you frustrated until then - maybe it’s better for you to avoid PVP during this time?
If you have to play another extra minute here and there maybe you aren’t in a position to play a mobile game at all right now?


In my experience the fights last 30/40 seconds longer, butt you also don’t lose in 20 seconds anymore due to a 5* panzer with a 6* gold keel and 9* plat support, no complaints so far.

I do understand that people can have a problem if the fights are longer Everytime, but maybe a slight reward fix (a bit more gems) will help to compensate this, even though the pvp crate became so much better


This guy probably wants to use quick win tickets on PVP. Lol.


This kind of trash talking is not needed to express your opinion.

While I agree that increasing PvP battle time without increasing rewards effectively reduces the rewards we can get from PvP, personal rewards have been vastly improved (PvP crate had a 40% to give exp/tickets, which were useless to the majority of the player base, while now is just 6,5%), so if you play 5 less battles at the end of the day, you still should be getting better rewards overall than before.

And everyone will suffer from these longer battles, so PvP rankings shouldn’t be affected.


I can’t tell if you mean it because you didn’t start it with the obligatory “to be honest”.

In any case, just deleted the app off my phone. Gotta give credit to the devs for making a fun game in the beginning - it’s the only app I’ve ever spent money on in the 10 years or so with an iphone. Was going to spend some birthday money on it this month, but with the panzer rubbish and this, it’s time to find another game.

All the best!


You do know they fixed Panzer right? She’s still good (thank God!) but much less likely to one shoot you in 2 seconds. I think the “new” Panzer is totally alright to be honest.
Anyway, your choice - no need to keep playing a game that only frustrates you - been there, done that, and it’s better to cut it before it becomes too much of an addiction.

Good luck out there and pre-birthday wishes!


I wish we had stats on our fights before this. Anecdotally the fights are about 60-90 seconds longer for me. I had about 6 go the distance and came down to a decision. Going from 13-22 seconds per match to 2+ minutes is frustrating me. I’m curious to see what the consensus is.


I’ve noticed some longer matches, ranging 1-2 minutes, before it was 20 sec - 1 minute, so it doubled


To me, the consensus is pretty clear:
expanding the HP helps your normally underused (because they always used to die) heroes relevant again; some of them are great if they have time to activate their skills. This will lead to a more varied PVP game with more and different team combinations which most people see as a good thing.
Tried Scum today. A cool guy, but not good for PVP. Too slow. But today he’s been pretty good and fun to use. :slight_smile:


The PVP revamp is quite dumb to be honest. My matches take 3 times the duration now. It will definitely deter lots more people from playing. I dare say that this revamp is a huge step downhill for HH


Let’s see how it plays out when they expand Roles Warfare into not just a health and heeling rebalance. Damager, shielder, etc. roles should be coming and with them new rebalancing. One step at a time.


Matches are definitely longer - rough estimate puts them at 2x-3x in length to what I used to see. Granted, that’s not all bad. More health makes more heroes viable but it feels like they may have over-tuned a little bit. I’ve had a few matches go the distance or close to it and lots more that are in the 90-120 seconds range.

Overall, I like the direction of the update but perhaps the pendulum swung a little too hard the other way. It’s early though, let’s see how it all plays out when everybody has more games under their belts.


Pvp wasnt broken in the first place, so why fix it? The only ones which are broken are panzer and flatline (to a lower extent).

I already have alliance mates quitting after this update. HH needs to understand that not everyone can commit ‘more’ time into the game than they already do, for no improve in rewards. The casual gamers are already starting to leave cos they have a life outside


Pvp is broken. Although what you said about commitment is true. To old players this is probably too much of a change since the change in match time deviated too much. Pvp rewards based on time would be good.


Yeah we just lost an officer, too. I’m a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of guy. We told HH what was broken with pvp. We asked for a balance to Panzer and for them to send rl kill teams after the min/maxers. I didn’t see a single thread on here asking for marathon long battles. I hate it. Everyone in my alliance hates it. This update needs to be dialed back by 50-75%.

If this is the new pvp then I want a ragequit button…for pvp. “Oh? Lost 2 to Panzer and Dogface in the first 30 seconds? His weaksauce healer won’t go down even after shot in the face with a nuclear bazooka 10x. Now the fight is 3v5. My healers will hold out another 60+ seconds thru cross-heals, just so I can still lose. Nope f**k it. /ragequit. Forfeit. Next match.”:rage::exploding_head:

Did SOE buy out HH, cuz I’m getting flashbacks from Star Wars Galaxies, where the developers gave the players a very unwanted revamp which instead sounded its death knell. Anybody else hear ringing? I do. I’m f2p until I start seeing some improvements. Another update like this and I’ll be on hiatus, too.


Wake me up when the match is over.