Refreshed Most Wanted Crates

Can the devs look into removing/adding items in the Most Wanted Crates. With the way that the game has progressed, Ruby Cores are more valuable for some players versus say a MK4 or MK5 core. The MW crates are suppose to be valuable, so the gift should reflect and be updated with people’s progression.


But the thing is that like me , most players still need those MK4 and MK5 cores the ruby cores for most people are useless

MK4 and MK5 are easily farmable < Alliance Store or Dis 1 Extreme >. Most Ruby Cores can not be farm. You have to hope that the right one is given out during certain events or go buy the Ruby Core Deals.

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I would say, leave the cores, remove 3* heroes lol


Why not add MK6 cores to the MW crates.

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Werent those there? Just low drop rate

You’re going to need it eventually. And believe me. You will be thankful

Not to my knowledge bro. I’ve always seen core MKIV and MKV not MKVI