Ranking of The Best Heroes per Category (at the moment)

I have spent the last few days calculating who are the heroes who cause the highest damage or who give the highest cure among all.
In order to simplify my life, I have only counted skills with specific time and charges, those with indefinite time and in percentages I did not count them.
It was a simple calculation, basic damage / health multiplied by Time / charge / bullet ammount and in the end I summed the results together for the total.

*Note: If you don’t find a hero, that mean it doesn’t have any requirement for this list.

Rank: DPS or anyone who can do damage
All heroes that can cause damage over time or by charge, with single or multiple targets.

Top 1-3
  1. Marlowe 2,772,777 total damage [synergy between bronze, silver, gold].
  2. Scum 1,436,192 total damage [synergy between bronze, silver, gold].
  3. Surge 1,402,080 total damage [synergy between bronze, silver, gold].
Top 4-10
  1. Purifier 1,043,898 total damage [synergy between bronze, silver, gold].
  2. Odachi 1,022,752 total damage [bronze, silver]
  3. Kiyoshi 979.437 total damage [silver]
  4. Fisher 964,620 Total damage [silver]
  5. Oracle 924,593 total damage [silver, platinum]
  6. Cross 852,216 total damage [synergy bronze, silver, gold]
  7. Ghoul 838,042 total damage [synergy bronze, gold]
Top 11-46
  1. Halloway 797,486 total damage [silver damage normal + elemental]
  2. Artemis 765,855 total damage [bronze]
  3. Prophet 745,742 total damage [synergy bronze, silver]
  4. Galante 725,440 total damage [bronze]
  5. Venom 698,204 total damage [synergy bronze, silver gold]
  6. Anvil 610,528 total damage [bronze]
  7. Jackal 599,277 total damage [synergy bronze, silver]
  8. Krieger 594,909 total damage [silver, gold]
  9. Dreadnought 578,480 total damage [bronze]
  10. Oro 576,432 total damage [bronze]
  11. MK.2 574.716 total damage [synergy silver, gold, platinum]
  12. Bolt 573.110 total damage [bronze]
  13. Heckler 561.182 total damage [bronze, silver]
  14. Phoenix 531.533 total damage [bronze, silver gold]
  15. Elite Rifleman 503.789 total Damage [synergy bronze, silver]
  16. Cinder 456,224 total damage [bronze]
  17. Ryker 454,098 total damage [synergy bronze, gold]
  18. Harbinger 409.444 total damage [synergy bronze, silver
  19. Col. Wesson 308,688 total damage [gold]
  20. Salvatore 314,505 total damage [bronze] (legendary skin)
  21. Yeager 290.118 total damage [synergy silver, platinum]
  22. Lancer 251,280 total damage [silver]
  23. Savage 238,856 total damage [bronze]
  24. Marianas 228,932 total damage [bronze, platinum]
  25. Flatline 215,096 total damage [silver]
  26. Dogface 199.398 total damage [synergy bronze, silver]
  27. Caine 186,750 total damage [silver]
  28. Steele 177.912 total damage [silver]
  29. Baron 147,744 total damage [bronze]
  30. 4-Cep 127,400 total damage [bronze]
  31. Fortress 115,946 total damage [bronze, gold]
  32. Beck 115.654 total damage [silver]
  33. Alcatraz 107,136 total damage [silver]
  34. Siren 57,336 total damage [bronze]
  35. Mandrake 28.236 total damage [bronze]
  36. Carbina 5,064 total damage [silver]

Rank: Medics or anyone who can provide health
All Heroes that can provide health over time or by charges, with single or multiple target

Top 1-3
  1. Duran 3,137,853 total cure [bronze]
    660,918 (heroes above +50% healt) / 644,355 total (heroes below -50%) [silver]
  2. Kurtz 2.196.121 total cure [silver, gold]
  3. Bucket 1,884,528 total cure [silver]
Top 4-10
  1. Moss 1.709.652 total cure [bronze, silver]
  2. Heimlock 1.484.210 total cure [synergy bronze, silver]
  3. Keel 967,460 total cure [bronze, gold]
  4. Caine 769,248 total cure [synergy bronze, silver, gold]
  5. Francoise 593.936 total cure [bronze]
  6. Hivemind 528,050 total cure [platinum]
  7. Operator 516,416 total cure [bronze]
Top 11-19
  1. Gammond 482,520 total cure [bronze]
  2. Matador 366,120 total cure [silver]
  3. Ifrit 333,898 total cure [bronze]
  4. Nightingale 313,830 total cure [bronze]
  5. Flatline 310,530 total cure [bronze]
  6. Silhouette 271.900 total cure [silver]
  7. Kiyoshi 172.520 total cure [gold]
  8. Halo 82,820 total care [gold]
  9. Mandrake 61,626 total cure [gold]

Rank: Self-Heal Heroes
All those heroes who cure only themselves or who have healing abilities that are both used for the team or for themselves.

Top 1-3
  1. Shank 7,220,792 total health [synergy silver, gold, platinum]
  2. Baron 2,151,424 total health [gold]
  3. Françoise 1.832.081 total health [silver, gold]
Top 4-10
  1. Yanlong 1,671,380 total health [silver]
  2. Hivemind 1,570,278 total health [gold, platinum]
  3. Klayton 1,226,110 total health [gold, platinum]
  4. Pharia 1,003,926 total health [bronze]
  5. Cinder 702.160 total health [platinum]
  6. Prophet 638,520 total health [platinum]
  7. Brogan 410,352 total health [gold]
Top 11-19
  1. Heimlock 346.292 total healt [platinum]
  2. Fortress 297,550 total health [silver]
  3. Col. Wesson 234,460 total health [platinum]
  4. Silhouette 209.365 total health [gold]
  5. Heckler 75,432 total health [platinum]
  6. Scum 60,448 total health [gold]
  7. Kunoichi 51,760 total health [platinum]
  8. Alvarez 39,330 total health [platinum]
  9. Bucket 9,240 total health [gold]

This is the ranking of all the heroes in the roster at the moment.
All calculations have been based on Skathi heroes (thank you) and surely there will be some mistake or forgetfulness.
Done everything with the calculator to be safer.

I repeat:

  • Steele from 24th to 38th
  • Added Mk.2
  • removed Kurtz and Commando

Damn, that’s a lot lol. Nice work

Doesn’t kurtz need his bronze for silver to kill

He needs to to kill an enemy, you can always murder an ally to get 200K healing and then trigger his plat.

am i blind or is serial not on your list? appreciate the dedication/time u spent on all of this, but IMO, that’s a pretty flawed list

Serial doesnt have skills that do damage overtime/charge.
The bronze accumulate and release damage, the silver increase weapon damage, gold… i forgot and plat does single damage


Mike Jones where have you been? And what extreme mission are you on now? We would really love to have you in our alliance.

Yeah, share your private number on a public forum.

Please, don’t start an off topic conversation on my post. There’s private messages for a reason.

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i’m still confused about how sapp, serial, beck aren’t on ur list of top DPS.

Apologies Lappo. But whenever you finally see a player like Mike Jones then you must jump at the chance. He may be the best player in the game. I’m sure he’s a PVP master as well.
He’s like a white unicorn. You always hear about them but never see them. Mike - I’ll call you tomorrow so we can discuss. Thank you for sharing your number!

Nice work & efforts!

There is Beck, her silver does a little damage over time.
Serial and Sapphyr not.
Its not a list of the strongest weapon damage.

Don’t know why this comment thread is so distracted and off-topic. I really like this list, and it’s cool to see different heroes being listed in this way. Great work!

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People like to do the same on another post but,then the situation changed suddenly… It reminds me about a famous tactic which is currently very normal in a famous game mode of hh

Ty for excellent information. Looks like its time consuming to find that numbers.

Pls next time make list of best ruby heros with damage /healing /support

This is that list.
[Damage] if you intend damage per clip, i can’t do that, I need full maxed heroes info for doing an exact calculation.
[Healing] its already there, the total amount of health a medic can give with determinate time/charges skills.
[Supports] idk what you intend, almost all heroes are in those ranks, some do damage, some heal and some do both. Explain me support.

All these numbers are calculated on Skathi’s heroes, that the majority of them are Rubies.
I didn’t count single action skills, those w indeterminate time (effects that last till the end of the round/game), base/elemental weapon damage incrementation (need to know the base/elemental damage of the single bullet first and the ruby bonus), base/elemental armor incrementation (need to know the base armor of a hero and the ruby bonus).

Its just a ranks of totals.
If you can do it, go ahead, don’t wait me cus i’ll get some quite long time before i can max myself.

Woah … this looks like it took some serious time and effort. Nice work. Some surprising results if all are 100 percent accurate. I wouldn’t mind more posts like these…:call_me_hand:t2:

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didn’t expect Marlowe and Scum to be a good dps, so this is how analytics works wow

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Marlowe is a good dps. I don’t know why you weren’t expecting that.

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Awesome job, sir. Thank so much for sharing your work.

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