Ranking List of the Best Heroes per Skill Category

The ranking has been updated …after 5 months yes.
But before you ask:

  1. no, I am not necroing this post
  2. and yes, I have asked for this post to not be closed.

from every beginning of month from now, the list will be updated.
whether you want it or not.

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Hi bro…
Thx 4 making this list…

But would u mind describing some illustration about how u get the number? Just take an example from a hero…

And u said u’ll update this information every month, means u’ll recalculate if there are some nerf down or buffed up too?

is a fairly easy calculation.
Take Oro with his bronze skill, calculate the base damage for the seconds that it lasts, the result is the total damage that makes the skill.
in [bronze + silver] that “+” means that there is synergy between the two skills.
in [bronze, silver] the “,” the two skills are not strictly synergistic. i merged the total damage to simplify my life and make an easier list to edit.

Yes, I take the new heroes and those few nerfed and buffed, calculate them and put them on the list. Simple simple.

Excellent post, that’s dedication to the cause!

I take it as you’ve used Muninn as a base, this breakdown includes the stats for +skins also?

It’s just he doesn’t have all the skins maxed… so as a further question do you intend to update these as and when, or have you assumed they are all maxed out at +6?

No lad, you’re getting confused.
Muninn has the perfect heroes for the list, he has all the skills of all the heroes at level 100.
Rere and Common skins don’t affect skills, Legendaries only change bronze skill but like others, even boosting them, doesn’t affect damage or total health.

After read this, then i understand… Lol…

Sorry, i missread the explanation there…

Soo, this is a list based on SKILL DAMAGE or SKILL HEALTH only… Lol…

At first, i tought u made a list of total damage from everything the heroes got, including basic weapon, skins, skill and others…
My bad… Sorry…
So this calculation come from: just skills, only the skills and nothing but the skills… :smile:

Anyway, awesome info u made here… :+1:t3:

Btw, what about SKILL SHIELDER (without health refill) :smiley:

I actually want to do a list of total weapon damage, but for doing it i need fully maxed heroes for getting the info. pretty hard for me
All shields are for single use, we do not have heroes who throw shields that can be accumulated indefinitely, at most they recharge the health of the shield itself.

List Updated!

Commander (damage from generated troops / heal)
Fiber (heal)

List Updated!

Warden (Damage and Self Heal)

Nightingale (Heal and Heal over indeterminate time)
Elite Rifleman (Damage, Heal and Self Heal)

With Verill released this month,
Could he be among the top 5 heroes for damage points?

I guess, he is on top tier.
The system doesn’t allows me to modify the post so i have to wait a dev.
When i’ll be able to, i’ll add Revenant, Verrill and all the other changes.

This is a hell of work and thanks for doing that. But seriously, my brain switched off once I saw rifleman is 2nd for damage. There might be a reason this is mathematically correctl, in reality, he is just useless

Have u update this list for this months, bro?

These are skill damages. You can’t get accurate weapon info unless you have the hero. It’s very hard to obtain that info, as you should have all heroes maxed to get that.

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That is a lot of nice work there!! Very well done!

List Updated

Revenant (Doubt Damage and Doubt Self Heal)
Barricade (Heal)
Luciana (Heal)

Cinder (Damage)
Artemis (Damage)
Carabina (Damage)
Ghoul (Self Heal)

List Updated

Irezumi (Damage over Indeterminate Time)
Heckler (Self Heal)

Thanks for the work! You made assembling teams 100x easier now!

List updated to 1.0

now with more and less stuff at the same time

Why does some heroes aren’t suitable for this list?

I mean what reasons make them listed in the Hall of Shame…