Pvp store changes


Did pvp store get changed with update? Was farming heronium refreshed like normal and all but two hereos swapped out. If so this change wasn’t relayed in update notes.


yeah it wasn’t completely communicated
same with Gauntlet store but that one is worse with only 1 static hero


And all fixed heroes is very rare and specific. Sad, but devs kill the game himself. This change don’t force peoples to make more donate. This change force peoples just to uninstall this app. We don’t have any sense to make a heroes 10* – phantom chance got your hero after shop refresh is bad motivation.

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Elite rifleman in the gauntlet store??? Really??? I get the changes but come on. Put Beck or atleast someone useful.


This thread needs more attention. Very sad to see these unexpected changes happening.


Really tired of the lack of transparency. Where are the rest of the patch notes? I apologize if I’m missing them, but the change to the Gauntlet store to have only 1 fixed hero was NEVER communicated and not a cool move at all. This is how we focus on leveling up players that don’t have missions. It is hard to have love for this game anymore. And am I the only one that noticed that the chat issues started with the roll out of Alliance wars and strategy chat? I could care less about Alliance Wars. Give me stable chat and full patch notes so I don’t have to be pissed after every update. The “May Update” in game message we got has a link to the patch notes but it isn’t clickable and the full link is cut off.


I’m a bit bummed about the change to the pvp and gauntlet stores, but the changes themselves are the least of my concerns. I have said before that I don’t necessarily like or understand everything they do; but I’ve also maintained that when HHG has issues on their end that impact their players they make it right and that doesn’t always have to mean giving anything away; a sincere apology can sometimes suffice (at least in my book). I’m going to hold out hope that HHG will make things right. So no, the change doesn’t concern me nearly as much as telling us what changes are coming, but not being honest about those changes—this was a lie by omission whether it was intentional or not—makes me quite uncomfortable. Again, I stick by them being a stand-up group of guys (and gals???) and am going to just carry on for now but the way this all went down absolutely needs to be addressed by the devs. I know this is just a game, but I hope they can appreciate the seriousness of this situation.


They used to also announce mission heroe replacements. Seems like that is announced at the whims of the person doing it (or the one doing it that month). But more importantly, why the f is no1 updating on the pvp store?!

The lack of replies to every1 regarding that makes me think they knew it was an unpopular decision and they just don’t want to deal with it so they’re ignoring us.


It was completely not communicated.

There, I fixed that for you. I hope you can tell the difference!


Hate these changes we work so hard to get 10 star players so we can farm hero gems and they killed it again

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I feel that the PvP store change has its ups and downs like we can’t grind a specific 10-star hero for heronium, useless heroes in stores like E.Rifleman or Oro. But it does open up to heroes that are not available in any store like Bucket or Jarek, even Scum! This change is a load of **** to people who rely on a specific hero in a store to get currency, but it also encourages a bigger variety of heroes to become 10-stars. Every single one of my heroes (except Operator) is a 5-star hero due to this new update.

Long story short, stop complaining about the store. The devs have done it, we can’t fix it until someone does a riot or some sort. (Do not take my word for it)

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I would have been ok with this IF it had been communicated upfront. However after working to ten star hardscope and matador only to have that heronium source taken away. This change is good and bad. Granted I wanted the heronium but I have been able to add frags to my “dusty” hereos along the way. Do I like the change no I do not but I’ll adjust


The whole point to get 10 star was then you could start farming them. Then you save up heronium so then you buy element frags for the harder characters. Like I was working on Matador to get him 10 star then start saving up to buy energy frags in the Heronium store. Them changing this throws this out the window. I didnt like it at first when they changed the store every couple months like with Dog and Flatline. But they atleast kept their replacements up . The whole concept to farm heros then buy different element fragments has been around since the beginning of the store.

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If you were already farming Heronium why did you have “dusty” characters? If anything you are getting less frags with this new store. Now you have to refresh and hope you get the “dusty” character you stated. When if you farmed you got the element frags, you could then spend them on any character you already have. Now that said, the only good thing with this new store is that you now have a chance to get the characters that you could only get from buying crates. So it helps you unlock more.


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This kind of change just shows the game is dying. They are only making it harder for people who dont spend money and catering to the few high alliances with whales who are still willing to pay before the game shits the bed. Ive been in games that do this and just make it harder and harder to farm anything reasonably. The previous changes were on the road to it, but they must not have gotten the result they wanted and just tightened the screws; without even mentioning it to the player base.

I understand they gotta do what they can to keep the game alive. Guess it just means Ill be leaving the game sooner. Ive been trying others to see what works so Ill just keep doing that while maintaining this game even less.


Yes I was farming heronium but my sources always got moved out of stores. All I had was daily missions and hard missions. I just got hardscope and matador 10*. So I could work on dusty characters. Now with new stores it’s a lottery for heronium or neglected character frags. And well let’s face it if I had luck with lottery I’d have Kurtz on release.


And for the record I’m only missing 7* hereos and any new monthly that drops and the random stores aren’t putting in 7* hero frags