PvP Drafting - Sneak Peek


A draft system itself is a great idea, you worked out the advantages, but they won´t apply on a 3vs3 with to changes. You can totally rebuild your team so building up a counter team is impossible. in a 5vs5 with two changes you have to reveal at least the direction your team heading to.

What i would love to see is an alternate picking of heroes somehow like this:

Player1 picks first, then Player2. Player1, Player2, Player1, Player2 double picks, Player1 double pics and at last Player2 picks his last Hero.

5 seconds to choose your hero, 7 for the double pick.
A better sorting of heroes in the pick screen would be needed though.


yea, that is one of my main concerns, where a 3-2 draft system won’t offer enough of a strategic depth to make Draft mode truly shine. So something like 2-2-1, 2-1-2, 2-1-1-1 or even crazily… 1-1-1-1-1 (tho that would make the draft super long so doubt the devs would want that) D:

tho, 5 seconds or 7 seconds for picking a hero among 60+ after seeing what the enemy reveals so you can strategically make a your choice would be a bit hectic and rushed… I think the Draft could go a BIT longer than that… as I think if the draft phase goes well, matches themselves will end up being much faster overall (healing + revive heavy comps that delay wins would become less popular as they could get countered easily).


With the draft I suggested it would ad up to 46 seconds max, which is quite sometime to just do the draft. Loading screens included you are above a minute only to start the fight. And having a one minute fight after taking a minute to start the match is, at least for me, not satisfying. If you give even more time to choose, you will need longer to get your match started, than actually playing.
5 seconds may sound short, but if you just count them down, that is more than enough time to choose a hero. At least if you know your team. Pressuring you with the decision, would give an advantage to players who don´t just blindly invest in the heroes the top 10 run, but think about their team. Who know about the strength and weaknesses of their heroes and team composition.


This is too tedious and time-consuming to get into a PVP. You should introduce this as a separate option just like PVP events so that this doesn’t effect the normal ones in case it’s aired!


Great idea would be perfect


That’s exactly what they are going to do, as far as I know


This thread derailed fast.

Cool idea. Looking forward to it.


lol, yea I noticed a LOT of discussions on these forums get derailed pretty quickly :stuck_out_tongue:


Team presets would be useful. Even in regular pvp this would be useful.


Been thinking about what has been said and think search reveals 3 players not 1 all you see is their power level. 1 just below you winning gets you say 100 crystals 2. Same power level gets you 250 crystals 3. Higher than you gets you 500 crystals. Now it still chance as you dont know make up of team but risk higher power gives you more reward.

My second thought is pvp pays out 500 crystals but you can buy filters for searching that cost different amounts i.e. not high power might cost 100 crystals meaning max win now 400 etc. This could be applied to the 3 player ootion to see 1st opponent card cost 25 crystals next cost 50 crystals if you win etc

This would add very little to pvp starting once filters set and would allow you to experiment easily with new combos of heros . Which we don’t want to spend 3 or 4 mins getting into a match but you want us to try out more interesting combos.

Think something like this would work well and parts of it are in other games I’ve played