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I’ve also experienced this. It’s kinda frustrating when a Dogface unloads the 18 bullets in a second. No way to react. I think this speeding bug needs an urgent fix. I thought I was going crazy, so reading that this happened to others kinda help.

But I don’t think is related to resurrection, since I just experienced it in a match where nobody was resurrected. Maybe it’s related to Ifrit’s silver? Everytime I’ve experienced this bug, Ifrit was on my team


So let me guess their will be banning and a rank in he future? You should change the name of the game to Hunting of Heroes go all out in the copyright League of legends screwed up on.


Can Any1 explain me this kind of matchmaking in PVP…

…i appreciate the devs… I m sure they will make PvP balance soon… I like they bring. The drafting…


That’s not too bad. You could have won. Don’t take Hivemind out before Mandrake and Nightingale and don’t play using Ifrit because at gold he’s not good for PVP.


These were exactly my thoughts. Wih a 3 on 3 and two changes I don not have to reveal anything of my Team. In a 5vs5 with two changes you would reveal your team at least a bit, so the changes to adapt would make at least a some sense.


Not really sure what you’re upset about. Team level difference? Your power levels are within 10% of each other. You’re both sandbagging your power to gain an unfair advantage. He’s just a “better” min maxer.


Actually truth of the matter Jason is the one that is sandbagging. Whereas Sanju is really level 64.

That said, Jason being a season player would know better which target to prioritise and hence have the upper hand.


1/3rd of Sanju’s skills are about 20 levels lower than 64 on each hero. Understandable if you’re running scrubs, but not on your A-team. He’s a min maxer. Jason is just moreso.


how is Janson a sandbagged? his team is fairly balanced in stars and levels and grades… and I remember both Omnipotent and Howitzer mentioning that there are matchmaking penalties for people who use skills that are drastically lower than the hero’s levels :confused:
and as stated above… it is about a 10% power difference between the two teams, which is a surmountable difference… you see that kind of difference in top tier PvP all the time.


I don’t think his skills are all leveled up. A very mild case of min/maxing, if at all. As you said, the rest of his ranks, stars, and level are all pretty close.


Translation of Baconator’s post.

  1. Thanks Rygel your post makes sense. Mine doesn’t really because it is too long and badly drafted.

  2. I didn’t like the way the forum responded to the guy who asked a legit question about sandbagging. I’m not too sure what sandbagging is myself, so… I’d like to add words words words words and hopefully people will think I know something.

  3. It’s quite annoying for the developers to go through lots and lots of forum posts to get good feedback. The strong irony of me saying this however, is a little lost on me.

  4. Something about 10% power difference and all that. More words words words but not explaining any shit properly.

  5. We failed the developers because we didn’t propose good solutions to fix pvp. We are lucky that the developers have filtered out the nonsense feedback but we haven’t laid out a solid plan for the developers to fix pvp in the way we want. We can do better especially if we give clear and concise feedback and that is what I am trying to do right here.

  6. Words words words and I want to mention Panzer and Ifrit nerfs as if it will help my points.

  7. I also say, give the PVP draft a chance and then we can give more feedback. It might be fun. The devs need better info and guidance from us.

  8. PVP needs fixing right now but it’s hard to get everyone on board “to a cut throat equalised fair system that only the developers have suggested. We did that” [What the hell does that mean]

  9. In an equalised PVP system there would be no 1% or 10% power difference and I wish to right now claim credit for the draft system and the zero-power level difference.

(Another quality post from /Sing)


Sing, I think you are right if you don’t understand the points than everyone else will have the same issue following, Thanks for clarifying.


You’re right. I retract my statement about Jason. I didn’t look at his skills when I commented and just based my errant judgement on the fact that he’s level 72 competing with level 64 players. I looked at his skills and they are almost all maxed. He’s suppressing his team levels by not starring :star:️ up his heroes. Nothing wrong with that as his team is balanced. Jason, I apologize for my comments.


I think better rewards would go a long way to please most of the wasted time on pvp matches. 100 points for a win takes forever to accumulate enough points to buy 3 , 5 , or 10 frags. Either up the hero frags or points for winning.


I think there needs to be classes based on how many stars your hero has. That would make it so your 5* isn’t going against 10* or so on. …


Just give me a forfeit option I’m done


Love the opening line “we believe the frustration comes from going into a match blind” have you not listened to a word people have been saying? Going in blind isnt the problem, the healing/reviving is. The constant healing waves have made PvP unbearable and drag the matches out so long. Almost everyone just uses a combination of nightingale, hemlock, panzer, ifrit, Caine and or flatline.


The healing and reviving is only one issue.

The BIGGER issue is MIN / MAX that needs to be fixed ASAP !


Well as I see it… part of the reason why a lot of people are going in with lots of healing/reviving is that they’re going in blind so they pick the absolute safest comp they can get (lots of healing and reviving).

While I’ve seen in games that have draft modes (like League of Legends), seeing the enemy comp being built, you can take answers to the stuff your enemy is taking… (aka: you see a lot of healing/regen heroes, you take Ignite, which reduces healing or you take Champions that make use of items that grant the ability to apply “Grievous Wounds” which reduces healing in their item builds), You see the enemy take a lot of high HP tanks… take Champions who have a kit that has %Health Damage.

So with Hero Hunters Draft… I am imagining that we would be able to do similar things: aka if you see them take a lot of:

  1. Healers: then take a Callidus or a Sapphyr (who heal block) or take yourself some heroes with Silences or Stuns/Staggers (Maven, Salvatore, Sentry, Heckler, Mauler, Phoenix, Steele) to shut down their healing to allow your DPS to break through and kill people off.

  2. Shielders: Take Yanlong (or any future “Shield Pen” heroes,

  3. high armour Front liners? then take Heroes who have armour pen/reduction (like: Plat Dogface, Plat Moss, or Skinned Salvatore… etc)

  4. High Health Heroes: Take heroes who have % health dmg (like Mauler)

  5. Summoner Swarm (aka: featuring Halloway, Hivemind, Hardscope, Castellan): Take good AoE heroes (Like Oro, Razorback, Savage, Ghoul, Callidus, Fortress)

  6. Burst Deniers: (aka: Revivers, Flatline’s Stay With Me, Phoenix’s Gold, Caine’s Counter Measures, heavy Shielders) Use Sustained Damage Heroes like Phoenix, Heckler, Mauler, Clyde, Kunoichi, Ghoul)

  7. Silencers: Take Auto Attack Centric heroes (Panzer, Heckler, Prophet, Clyde, Artemis… etc) or Cleansers (Phoenix self cleanse, Heimlock)

  8. AoE Zone Control (Scum, Chesterfield, Ghoul, Fischer, Oro… etc) don’t take stationary heroes (Castellan, Richter, Yanlong… etc)

I could go on, but this is an example of the sorts of decisions I myself do when I’m looking at what is popular currently, in the “Blind Pick” PvP system that’s in the game currently… unfortunately for me, the biggest issue is exactly what the Devs have mentioned… I’m going in blind… so MANY of my niche picks that could shut down a Reviving Heal Wall comp, are “specialists” who can get shutdown themselves if you end up fighting other specific heroes or comps… which can end up happening very easily with blind pick.

Aka: my answer for Panzer, Heimlock, Flatline, Caine, Ifrit would be different that: Panzer, Odachi, Flatline, Ifrit, Halo, and my answers to both of the above would probably be completely shut down by: Mauler, Ifrit, Halo, Caine, Moss, and might have a 50-50 chance vs: Wesson, Panzer, Oracle, (legendary) Lawson, Baron.

So I’m actually waiting to see how this Draft mode turns out (I have some concerns about certain implementations of it, but I won’t know if they’re actual valid concerns until I play them, so shrug I await October eagerly, but not gonna let the hype get to me either)


Now Im curious about what was this message