PvP Drafting - Sneak Peek


Without normalization (eg: PvP Duels) this doesn’t fix min/max; with normalization you destroy the incentive to upgrade your heroes. The current meta has several counters as is. Neat concept. Also to people calling for bans etc., good luck with that, many PvP events have concurrent blitz events that require certain heroes be used in PvP. I’d ban your bonused faction heroes just to keep you off the board.


If this will take our matches to last even longer, I think the devs will come with a solution to that, I also hope that after this test a limit will be made to the available selection.

Points made by the community, about star differences, metal color and lvl punishing.

Maybe add a function that if you choose 3x 7* plat, you can’t go higher then that, only the same or lower, that way people will only give them selves a hard fight when they min max, or they fight right in their own league.

I do hope this will solve a lot of PvP issues


Just bite the bullet and put the 3X FF feature in PVP already; everybody is already on auto, make it so if both players are on auto it fast forwards until someone turns it off. So it’s like gauntlet except the opposing team has some level of control over targeting / movements.


If you’re playing PVP on auto you might be surprised to see what difference it makes to play manually. :slight_smile:


I’m back to manually also, it’s almost impossible on auto


What comp are you using? I don’t mess with the meta garbage, I have two teams in 60k & 40k specifically designed to farm meta players… I’ll take it off auto occasionally to control Nightingale if she’s stance dancing around due to lack of cover; it’s pointless anyway, if the match lasts long enough for panzer to destroy all her cover, it’s already over anyway. I save their panzer for last just because she’s not even a threat after I neuter her support. Half the time I’ll just fire at my own cover just to go ahead and break it so they can’t interrupt my casts with a knock back from it.


Odachi, Nightingale, Caine, heimlock and phalanx as a team


It will probably be base off of hero count. All characters will be the same (like gold 7 star 2 bar). So power is not relevant.


Then that would make powering up a lot of heroes redundant, wouldn’t it?


Drafting. . with a huge chunk of the 60 toons useless? Can you finish your rebalancing first?


I’ve edited my first post in this thread to be less “in your face”!


1. Is the PVP Draft system supposed to replace the existing PVP system? If YES then we say goodbye to min-max issues. But it brings with it other serious, game-killing issues (read the post for more detail).

2. But if NO, then min-maxing still needs to be fixed. When can we expect this fix? Can we even expect a fix?
Is this gonna be a repeat of what happened for the August patch… “We need to have more variety of heroes, so we have conceptualised the Health and Healing Rework! By giving everyone more health, more heroes will become viable” And Boom! No change to the variety of heroes. Same heroes are viable as before, and large majority of heroes are still not viable, as before.

3. The Draft system is likely to add even more time to pvp matches… is this desirable? (Hopefully y’all with me and say Hell No!)

4. Who are we gonna be matched with in PVP Draft? I don’t think it’s fair for veterans to play novices cos novices will get killed (likely) all the time. On the other hand I don’t think vets should always play hard games with other vets while novices get easy games among themselves. And, if matching is random, ladder position will essentially turn into luck of the draw.

Thanks for reading and even bearing with my original post.



Quite frankly this doesn’t change PvP. Everyone will still choose their teams that work for them


You’ve already seen it in action? Tell us more!


For this specific use, yes. This is a skill battle not a race to who can make a stronger character, so to succeed you just need the right team composition and skill.


I know this post will be unpopular, but I’ve never seen a game where so many people want to have to play it as little as possible. This is a game. You should want to play the game. The rewards are fun too, but the core should be playing the game. It’s like people complaining that the gameplay is too long and just needs to skip to the cut scenes.

The fact that everyone wants a faster PVP when many matches last, at most, 3 minutes, and still want greater rewards sounds like a cocaine addict. Everyone is stuck in a Endorphin loop of win/reward/upgrade.

When was the last time you genuinely enjoyed a match? Smiled as you pulled through at the last minute with a clutch skill combo to out play your opponent.

Or do people want it to go the other way? Pvp ends as soon as you find a challenger. It gives you a readout of damage/heals and who won. You can watch the replay to see how it went down, to give you an idea of team composition, but who cares about that, you go your reward.


@miclowgunman, I think it’s more frustrating that at some power level, mostly above 45-50k, you face the exact same team, over and over, you kill a hero, it gets revived, you kill it again, it gets revived, and that lasts up till the end.

Hoping you kill 1 hero at least, or you have bad luck where you are finally 5 vs 3 and in the end it’s 3 vs 5.

That is what I think the biggest frustration, 3 minutes and not a single reward.


Not “everyone”.
And while this is a bit off topic in this particular discussion I totally agree with you! I have made sarcastic posts earlier about changing the entire PVP gameplay into a simple matchmaking only - if you are matched against an opponent with higher power you lose - if you have more power than him you win. Then repeat. I often get the feeling that many players (at least many who are hanging out on this forum) would like to see Hero Hunters as one of those idle kinda of games or maybe a “tapping” game.

I have played games that are faaaar more time consuming, tedious, repetitive etc. before so maybe I’m not not spoiled, IDK, but I enjoy the cover / shoot / roll gameplay.


I don’t think anyone is upset about needing to the play the game more. It’s that rewards haven’t increased proportionally. So the same amount of time spent in PvP is now rewarded with around have of what it was before. THAT’S why people have tended to hate the recent changes. Increased match time is awesome and I love it, but spending the same amount of effort for half the payoff just feels shitty.


Like cocaine withdrawls…:smirk:
Kidding, but that’s kind of my point. People are use to grinding PvP for the reward, not playing PvP for fun. To be more on point with the sub, this matchmaking scheme should bring some fun back to PvP, and people can continue to grind free play and tournaments to their hearts content


Well this is a dopamine-trickle mobile game. The core of any freemium game’s draw is the ‘warm fuzzies’ from progress. If that slows down, then it makes sense that users won’t be happy.