Pvp alliance wars


I would love to see alliance wars have some kind of pvp in it. I think this would add element of skill and make the game mode tie into what hero hunters is really about a shooter game.

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I agree, this simulation war is of kind of boring


Not just boring but hard for anyone that don’t have power equal or greater than the defenders. We all know if played right, you can beat somebody 10 K more than you. But with the simulation you don’t have a chance.

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I think it would be awesome if the battle for starred sectors was a five on five PVP battle. An Officer or higher launches an attack on another team (not before its captured) and a call goes out for players to join the battle. 2min later, 10 player battle!!!

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That would be very fun except you can never guarantee that there are people on when someone is attacking. The best thing to do would be to treat it as if it was a gauntlet mission.

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That’s true. Maybe it could be a ‘final boss’-like battle of the War to give everyone more time. Like a scheduled thing that everyone is working towards, rather than a pop up battle. I’m just after a way to make it more like the core concept of the game. But the gauntlet idea could work :thinking: