Pride skin for pride month

I’m sure not everyone is going to like this idea, but June is gay pride month right? So I was thinking maybe HH could design a pride skin using rainbow or pink color tone for multiple heroes? That way it could bring more diversity to the game and appeal to more people.

Some good heroes to apply pride skin I think includes Min, Halo, our boy Ryker or maybe Gammond. Pride skin on a robot hero could actually be fun too.


Pride month is an amazing time for people who celebrate it and bring awareness to it. However, a growing trend is companies taking advantage of this to profit from this trend, personally I would not like to see HHG go down that path as many other companies do, making baseless and meaningless products and statements about support. Imo it only waters down the meaning of the movement, but that is just my opinion. The closest skin you could get would be cross Valentine’s Day skin I believe


I strongly agree on all these statements. Though a Rainbow Plus skin for Pris would be awesome😝


June calendar isn’t out yet, we’ll have to see if they have anything like this planned


Excellent idea! :blush::+1:. I think Marianas would be deserving of this new skin.

What Ghastly said about companies taking advantage of the pride movement for monetary gain is absolutely true. It would be an insulting move by HHG to follow in that stead by making a skin like that, and would undermine that cause.

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