Post your funny moments of your game here. xD


Matador working on his mad Spider-Man skillz:


Log in via your browser and not with the in game button.


You can run but you can’t hide.
Happened so many times in shipping yard for me.
Sometimes when heroes are knocked back, they are traped and sheltered in contaiers.


I rightly did not find the dogface in the game. He was sleeping behind the cover.


Butter seems rather confounded that he is healing while dead. Puzzles the brain so.


Here we go again:



That is just messed up/weird


Taking arial air up there guys?!!!




Gammond found a new way to shoot his gun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Head casted away :slight_smile:


As you probably noticed in the center of the reloading crosshair, Mandrake is suffering from type 2 autism in the midst of a heated pvp battle.


He wanted to play dead Mandrake. xd


Next Christmas rehearsal :slight_smile:


Maybe he is in striking against war strike.
You know adopted Gandhi method of fight :joy:


He stayed when I killed him :joy:


That skin must be cursed or something :joy: Barnacle Cast gets that head glitch all the time when I fight him in gauntlet.