Post your funny moments of your game here. xD


Point blank gunfight with a bugged Scum bounty.




Had to do a double take on this one. It looks like she’s getting crucified based on the way you cropped the photo.


How is that possible???


Watch the video :porg:


I did
Is it because of how is Bronze skill works???


Yep. Odd way the game calculates additional damage lol. It registered the 25% health before giving the bonus so the 25% health fischer slashes off with his bronze got multiplied and… that happened.


Where do we get him I need him in my life


Hero crate ez.



I usually get frags more efficiently from Alliance Store
High chance there. I got HIdeo and Scum there


Ese no es un momento gracioso. Eso fue un momento impresionante xd


Something Fischy going on :rofl:


LOL! This is hilarious. Tried it myself and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen to watch Fischer kick down a plane.



Matador working on his mad Spider-Man skillz:


Log in via your browser and not with the in game button.


You can run but you can’t hide.
Happened so many times in shipping yard for me.
Sometimes when heroes are knocked back, they are traped and sheltered in contaiers.


I rightly did not find the dogface in the game. He was sleeping behind the cover.


Butter seems rather confounded that he is healing while dead. Puzzles the brain so.


Here we go again: