Post your funny moments of your game here. xD


Sometimes in the games we play in HH, strange and funny things happen. and I made this forum so that you also share what happens in your games.



She glitched into the wall xd


Seeing Blump get OWNed today by an unwitting lvl 49 was a funny moment for me @Sir_Blumpkin


Hahaha… nmms


Killed that one right off the bat; Felt bad that his leg got stuck as well… :sweat_smile:


Point blank gunfight with a bugged Scum bounty.




Had to do a double take on this one. It looks like she’s getting crucified based on the way you cropped the photo.


How is that possible???


Watch the video :porg:


I did
Is it because of how is Bronze skill works???


Yep. Odd way the game calculates additional damage lol. It registered the 25% health before giving the bonus so the 25% health fischer slashes off with his bronze got multiplied and… that happened.


Where do we get him I need him in my life


Hero crate ez.



I usually get frags more efficiently from Alliance Store
High chance there. I got HIdeo and Scum there


Ese no es un momento gracioso. Eso fue un momento impresionante xd


Something Fischy going on :rofl:


LOL! This is hilarious. Tried it myself and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen to watch Fischer kick down a plane.