Please help with 5-3 extreme

can anyone help me at all? is anyone at same mission as me? if no one else is at same mission, then idk what showing my heroes will accomplish.

we can assume what may help

that makes 0 sense. how can you assume without knowing the enemies?

give them as well (20 characters matter)

You started this post in the need of help. Now you can post a screenshot of the your Hero Tab and also of the enemy Tab for that level. We have a lot of experienced players here , who can try to suggest you Teams that could possibly work .

Otherwise you are wasting time of everybody by sending messages in this post .


ok. i’ll bite.

green circled heroes are wave 1. there are TWO shanks. EVERY hero have their skills fully charged at start of each wave.

Guy really seems like a troll at this point, what’s the point of him getting all fussy when we are only trying to help him? Smh

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Man where is ur team line up

ill ruby anyone you guys suggest. not sure how posting the missions lineup results in me trolling when i was asked to show it?

if i’m coming off that way, then please no one respond and let post die

im stuck in 4-2… can u give help me?

Mike Jones you may be the best player in this game. Your hard work and dedication getting that far in extreme missions is unbelievable. Do you pvp? Because if you do, I’d say you are the pvp master. Private message me, I’d love some pointers and to see if you’d like to join our alliance.

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