Petition to Add Things to Mxeno's Story


This is a petition to add some interesting developments to User Mxeno Scorpion’s Unofficial Story

  • A. Add Caine’s Fresh Shawarmas and Fried Chicken Resturaunt
  • B. Add a Galante Factory
  • C. Add Discord Community Member’s
  • D. Options A and B
  • E. Options B and C
  • F. Options A and C
  • G. Options A, B, and C

0 voters


Didnt think you’d actually do it mate i love it


AHEM… I think I preferred it better when it was " Caine’s Crispy Chciken" :wink: Do you think it would be Cajun or Buttermilk fried chicken?


I remember seeing the story, but seem to have lost the page… could you post a link to the forum post it’s in, here? :slight_smile:


This is the link to his Google doc of the story, You are welcome


Buttermilk and Cajun fried chicken. Extra crispy with the KLG Official Brand Ketchup


DM me for the original name lol.


Don’t it’s a trap srsly I warned you


God I love all the support, it keeps me happy



IDK, I’ll copyright CCC