Over powered Ronin


All and all together, it is obvious that everybody are kinda discontented with outstanding performance of Ronin specially in PVP (in their own way). and when we root cause the issue its all about plat skill (honor bound).
To sum it up I think most of folks agree that something needs to change about him. Folllowing are some suggested adjustments by other’s and myself. add if it fits:

  1. Plat skill activation should be shrunk to:
  • Energy elements’
  • People guards’
  • Supporting Heroes(mid&back line)
  • Heroes with the equal or higher number of stars and promotion and yet less max health (to avoid sandbagging).
  • Female heroes(just jocking).
  1. The parameters of plat skill shoud be damped(nerfing).
    for an ultimate Roning this guys gains almost (3250 dps) per each ally which sky rockets the total dps in sum. For instance It can be 1500 for an ultimate ronin and reduced accordingly for weaker one’s. Also the maximum health he grants can be reduced as well.

As I said add to list your insights with thanks.


Issue is min maxing…


Can we revisit this? I was really hoping Ronin would get nerfed in the March update, because even if he’s balanced at high levels (which I don’t even think is the case), he is extremely ripe for sandbagging abuse, and in the 30-40k power range, a plat Ronin with an all gold team surrounding him is very hard to beat, especially if the rest of the team is well put together. I have 14 different plat characters so I have several viable PVP teams I run, and all of them lose against sandbagging Ronin teams more often than they win. It seems obviously abusive, yet it persists.


It’s the one situation which has a disproportionate advantage, having a platinum Ronin mushed with weaker characters.


I think they’ve fiddled with the matchmaking algos, because the last 2 Ronin teams I’ve faced have been maybe 10-15% less power than mine, and I’ve won.


Really? I’ve been getting stepped on.


Lol, I wonder how many people are running the exact same team.


I’m still losing to the Ronin team when I run my Mauler team, but that’s just a bad elemental matchup. When I face Ronin with my Kuno team I usually win. Speaking of which, she has to have a lot of protection because of how fragile she is, but her damage output is completely bananas.


Right now, only 28 players in the top 100 don’t use ronin in their team.
I didn’t spent too many time counting on top 200…
Nothing to add, the score explains it by itself


The plat ronin all gold team is the worst thing in the world.


If devs only care about feedbacks…
No changes in recent update and I’m not optimistic about any in future. Not any time soon atleast.
What are we arguing about then?


Here’s a suggestion, perhaps his damage can be based on how low his opponents health is total. It’s fitting that he gets more intense as his allies are on the verge of dying. It forces the other members to carry their weight, while still providing that protection when it counts. :thinking: (it could also be 40 or 50 percent.)


honestly, ronin has actually be a pain with the players using heroes seriously under his health.
i fought someone with a 8 star ronin and a really weak flatline, drake, panzer and gale.
since all of these are underneath ronin’s health and it’s plat move seems to also have way too much damage and provides way too much health
like i said before, ronin is for pure min maxers


I am fairly competitive in pvp enough to face plat ronin team,and won many times before. But his new silver skill is what makes him a lot incorrectly balanced. He is not Razorback, Why is he being Razorback if he has increased dps from plat?


At this power level I’m getting about 30-35% of matches that are ronin sandbaggers. Getting so annoying. I have a 8 star ronin but I don’t do that, the game would be way too easy! Fix this please!


@Oneind97 oking at who you killed in every match, it seems you have a target priority issue as well. You took out some of the least consequential targets.


It’s not the point

Sandbagging is what he is trying to show you.
Doesn’t matter what style you play the PvP, you shouldn’t face complete sandbagging team while you are using balanced team.

that team power range is Ronin’s sandbagging paradise, even tho I experienced that at 45K and 55K team power when I use my C/D team.


Sandbagging teams are not a problem. Sandbagging teams are fair since the total power is near.

Sandbagging with Ronin is the problem. But even that can be alleviated somewhat with good team composition and proper targeting. Both of which the OP I was replying to lacked. OP would still fair badly in PVP with or without the Ronin issue.

Point I’m making: Ronin sanbagging isn’t as big an issue if you were at least semi-competent in PVP.


What? Are you serious? In first 2 screenshots using complete balanced team facing a sandbagging without enough punishment. 3K & 5K difference it’s not a punishment. While people want to see more punishment for sandbagging you saying this? Sandbagging is fair since the total power is near? I don’t know what to say. Smh

All this thread it’s about this.

Yes it is, sandbagging is a huge problem overall, but Ronin’s broken design make it worse.
I am competitive, last brawl: elemental wars, I end up in top 200 with my Ronin team, and my B team (Mauler)
I beat top 50 player’s in a equal match oftentimes. But at the same time I lose to complete sandbagging Ronin team, 10* 3bars platinum along with underleveled skills 8-9* support team’s, how can you say Sandbagging it’s not a problem? Wow just wow


Have you played with normal non-Ronin sandbagging teams often? Well I don’t have an issue with a non-Ronin team against non-Ronin sandbaggers so…well I must be doing something right :slight_smile: You realise sandbagging in general makes their team very unbalanced and very exploitable.

Also, the OP I was replying to has a balanced team in first 2 pics… what? Zero tank and 4 out of 5 are so very squishy. That’s a strategy, but by no means balanced. That’s a glass cannon team.