Over powered Ronin


Before update yes Ronin was Op. Now Ronin is well balanced don’t mess with him… Give other champs some love, buff them a lil. & if your having trouble against ronin meta. Reconsider kill order, (flatline, drake) really not that hard…


The problem with Ronin is by the time I kill his flatline (that is protected by his drake and his honorbound that gives her another 25% hp), he’s killed 2 of my support characters, because his character has a higher level than my DPS character, and he has 4 stacks of honorbound. The character is completely OP, and a sandbagger’s paradise.


The ronin teams that are the issue are the sandbaggers still. A team with ronin that is balanced can be taken down with basic mech dps team. It’s the teams that have an 7 or higher star ronin with 4 5 star golds around him. If you can kill ronin first with the first clip it’s done ronin will kill everything you have at 7k power below yer total power. Sandbagging is the issue not ronin.


13 of the top 20 PVP teams in the champion tier of the Bucket/Moss event used Ronin as one of their main guys. 18 of the top 25 used him. And this is with all plat characters, so you don’t have sandbagging teams where Ronin’s even more powerful.

Please tell me how Ronin’s not OP.


I agree with the arguments about sandbagging and such. However, this assessment is a bit misconstrued.

A majority of heroes in this faction are bio. Why would you not use an energy hero to get the additional elemental bonus. Therefore, I would be surprised if the Top 25 teams didn’t have ronin in there.


Touche, but where’s Heckler then? And why did only 3 people use Sapphyre? Is Ronin supposed to be such a good hero that people prefer him 18-0 over Heckler, and 18-3 over Sapphyre?


You won’t see Heckler in PvP very much since he’s squishy. Lots of damage but gets killed easily. Sapphyr is a good bet to replace Ronin but he’s been around longer so people probably ha e him built up moreso than Sapphyr.


Use Kunoichi to kill Ronin. Protect her with Flatline, Mandrake, Heimlock and Nightingale.


Probably sitting in the trash where he belongs lol. There will ALWAYS be a “best” dps for a certain element and it happens to be Ronin right now so of course everyone is going to use him. Even if Ronin was 0.01% better than Heckler, why would you not use the best available?


I mean, shouldn’t there be a “best” DPS based on how your team is set up? The simple fact is that Ronin works well with basically any team, which is just ridiculous.


This is absolutely not true. Ronin’s value comes almost exclusively from his plat skill, which relies entirely on a squad with low-hp heroes. You definitely cannot drop Ronin into a team of tanks and have him succeed because his damage output will be worthless.


Touche, I was probably a little too broad in my statement.

OK, my revised statement is that Ronin works well with many more team setups than any other DPS character, which is why he’s ridiculous.


You know who beats everyone? Hideo. Everyone should just use Hideo. Not just because he’s my personal favorite or anything.


Gotta say that the new improved Hideo is very very good!


There are more tricks in this game then just ronin, some just don’t know where to look


Well I guess we should stop using balanced team’s because this is what you get when you play the game as it meant to be played. The person who using sandbagging getting reward, this is hilarious.

It’s not only Ronin’s broken design as discussed before, it’s sandbagging as also discussed before.
I don’t know what devs are doing about matchmakings, but it ain’t getting better.


I really think Ronin’s plat needs to be reworked. I like that he’s a midline character that provides support to the other guys - I think he’s the only midline guy that does that, and it opens up a lot of builds. But he’s heavily abused by sandbaggers, and even without sandbagging he seems a touch too powerful. Maybe his plat should only trigger for other plat characters, or only for midline or backline characters. Like, I understand the concept is that Ronin is a protector of the weak, but in what world does that extend to Ronin being a protector of an underleveled tank. Wandering samurai standing up for a nerdy technician that is being bullied? Okay, that’s a thematically consistent idea. Wandering samurai that sticks up for Butter and Vanguard? That’s ridiculous.


Someone mentioned earlier about changing his plat to energy hero’s only. I like that idea. Follows Salvador’s plat then of only being one element. This would keep him a strong character for bounty, while balancing him for pvp.


It you look at that ronin, he has more stars then anyone else in that team, only at platinum, biggest issue with ronin is min maxing not hem being super op, it’s completely different at later stages in the game.

And he is already down by 3 million damage in bounty, please don’t make that number lower


They don’t need to reduce his s damage, just change him so he no longer is designed to lead a team of crap heroes because he will make that team extremely frustrating to play against.
He is like bringing an apache helicopter to a knucklefight in preschool.