Over powered Ronin


As for definition of min maxing slang/term I can’t agree with You. I call 10* plat with 4 under 5 star beneath gold as min maxer. Interpret it as you wish buddy, no arguments.
but the point is that seemingly the invensible 9+ Ronin is touchable now. I recall it when there was no way to defeat him.
I can tag some people above admitted the same.


Yes it’s an issue when you use a 10* with a 5*…

Hot head should punnish you harder and make you fight players like me or even stronger ones, instead of giving you freebies against noobs


As I said no argument.


Do you play with a Ronin that gives honorbound to everyone on his team, including tanks? Because that’s what I think everyone is complaining about, and specifically we’re complaining about the plat Ronin all gold setup. I’ve played against it using mech DPS teams and lost, and my win % is usually pretty good.


@Szan I would beat that team (your opponent) with Ronin team that you are using 9/10 times.

I do understand that you put him as stronger hero to use his Honorbound and that’s why I’m saying I would beat your opponent using your team.

Ronin is not OP if you put him in a team with stronger (more health) hero’s.
We are not talking about this, Sandbagging is the problem.


This is what happens when you use Ronin with stronger hero’s:

These matches are before they slightly nerf Ronin’s damage. In other hand: panzer was completely nerfed at the time.

And yes, Ronin is still a viable hero even if you put him in a team with stronger hero’s, but OP? not at all

You guys really have to make something with Ronin

I’ve deleted my posts. I’ll pass out cheese later, ciao.


Nerf Galante


Godlante can never be nerfed. He is Godlante.

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Did I hear someone say BUFF Galante? :rofl:


Yes you did. You certainly most definitely absolutely did.


I just was looking at Kunoichi’s gold skill, Honorless

when it hit me; What if Honor bound was the opposite of Honorless, meaning Ronin gains damage for each ally that is rooted, lifted, or stunned for the duration of said debuff?
It Would mean no more overpowered Ronin Sandbaging, but ronin still remains protecter of the weak and defender of the defenseless.


the silver skill is to OP bro


Interesting but it would making an OP skill completely garbage. Not a way to balance.


I’ve been reading this post for a long time. I’ve wavered from “nerf bomb that Ronin!” to “leave him the heck alone!” so many times I lost count. I wanted him nerfed because I couldn’t beat him, especially when he’s 10* and 5 bars with a supporting cast of 6* plat healers and shielders. And I didn’t want him nerfed because I was determined to find a way. Well, I found a way. Granted, my Super Ronin beating team also has Ronin in it, but my 9* 3bar Ronin’s supporting cast are no less than 8* plats, all same level as Ronin, all skills no less than 80. Oh, and it wasn’t my 9* 3bar Ronin that beat his 10* 5bar Ronin, that is just preposterous. It was a different character. So, Ronin is beatable, just like he is, leave him alone.


Dude you have no healer What else do you expect, you need someone to heal your team


You’re missing the point dude


No I do I get the topic. But if you just throw 5 min Heros together with no real support you’re going to lose


No you don’t.

I know how to build a meta team, Thank you for guiding me :joy::joy:. Im not pointing my lost here.
I don’t have the time to sit here and explain what we explained 1000 times in this forum to you.

Just stop spamming, this thread is dead already


I wouldn’t consider this thread to be dead. There’s a ton of people still complaining about Ronin and I don’t want the squeaky wheel to get oil it doesn’t need. Just like when Bounty missions were adjusted to a shorter length because the few out-squeaked the many. Ronin does exactly what he’s supposed to do and I’m finding all the other characters do also.