One of my advent calendar days got skipped... did it happen to anyone?


I did not get today’s advent reward…


I got! But what did I get…? Hmmm. I think it was 25K bucks today.


This is my calender so far, got the Pris reward this morning and the first one twice


For me it happpened today. I’m received the gift for the 6th december 2 times. I don’t receive the gift for the 7th december.


The way the Holiday Calendar is set up everyone should get the same prize for the day.
If you miss a day though, you miss that prize, so you gotta make sure to come back everyday.
As for the double rewards that is weird, and send in a ticket if it is happening :smiley:


It’s the 7th, I’m on 6 and got halo 2x, Huggin said something is off, and others confirmed this, I got lucky with 5 frags others didn’t.

Not that 5 frags will change my gameplay, strategy or anything. But something was weird I guess


So I got the Pris reward twice and also the first day rewards too

As Kraterios said it’s not that is a big deal. What’s bothering me the most is that I don’t get the checkmarks on every day(even as I have signed in daily):joy:


So I have that problem now, I lost 50 energy because I got 5 halo frags.

I’m lucky I didn’t get double XP :rofl:


so did u forgot to login on that day or it skipped the 50 stamina automatically??


It skipped the reward