Official Response to the Morlock Special Offer


Thanks typing on phone where keyboard hides the box im typing into isnt easy but I take no offence by his comments he upset and I’m willing to be the bigger man and try to explain that if this error has affected you explain how it affected you and how you would like HH to address the issue is clearly to much for some people to understand.


No offense, but you answer that in the same un-classy way, but please respond to my first question, before we get offtopic


Ok Ill do my best

£5 you should get 500 VIP points but didn’t it got player 7000
So using that as a new value for VIP point 69.99 Should net you 98000 VIP points not 7000 once error was addressed

The error caused a 14x value increase to the VIP reward


So making players almost go to vip 13 from 0?

So making that 70€ worth 980€ others paid for? You want to start a shit storm? Cause that’s how you start a shit storm!


That wouldn’t be fair to those who spent money on anything else in the gold store. Their vip points/dollar ratio would be so much worse and I think I can confidently say that there are more people who had spent some amount money on this game than there are people who bought the 70$ offer.


No the deal should have gone out at £69.99 and that as always means you get 7000 VIP points

It didn’t it went out for £5 and got the 7000 Vip points meaning players got 14x the VIP points a £5 investment should net
So if error was still live now a 69.99 investment should net 98000 VIP points


Yes, but you want to solve it to give the 70€ deal a x14 value, to give then 98000 vip points?



Players who bought 69.99 pack offer them 2nd for 4.99 so each pack costs around £38.

Then repeat deal for everyone else 2 packs for 69.99+4.99= £74.98 levels the whole field 14000 vip for £74.98 points plus doubles the frags coin stamina etc
And HH win aswell as that half what they would make but bet alot of gamers buy the 74.98 making as much if not more than they might have from the 69.99


And those who missed out on the first 5$ offer? They get to buy it for 75$? how is that fair?

Or am I understanding you wrong?


You pay 69.99 and 4.99 and get double reward so each pack costs £37.49


That dosen’t fix the problem then. Maybe most people can’t afford to spend 75$ on a game. And those who got to buy the first one for 5$ still have an advantage against the rest of the playerbase which was the problem to begin with


Yes 100% agree with you. Would love to see HH just take a hit to wallet and offer everyone that missed it for £5. Think in there statement that not going to happen maybe with enough pressure they might change their minds and support the gaming base.

But I can’t see it so it the best solution I can think of which they might consider can’t please everyone all of the time. Lifes a b**** sometimes
They have in past given stuff for connection issues etc in mail and maybe do that to everyone aswell for this error


My offer was actually $99 because im Canadian.
The mistake deal of $5 is a huge $93 difference and advantage over mine.
How could I spend that much on something that this company thinks is no big deal, so we sweep it under the rug and forget about it?
Even if I had unlimited money, I still wouldn’t because of many players just in my alliance posting getting it. Even after me logging in to see I didn’t.

Everything in that deal is a huge advantage. The extra money in your wallet is a huge advantage over the ones that paid $69, if there are any.
Why argue about fragments or vip being the advantage?
It’s all an advantage!!!
Each and everything individually and definitely together


Exactly! this issue has given limited players access to a substantial advantage and HH are just turning a blind eye to it by doing nothing to equalise the unfair advantage. Whatever way you look at it, it is an advantage it will take weeks to claw back from, even just to farm the amount of frags to catch up the difference.

I think it will turn many away from supporting the game further. Especially as there has been no further clarification from HH and that they are not responding to any feedback.


Hey all,

Thanks for providing your feedback. I’m mostly seeing the same things repeated, so I believe you’ve covered all of the bases when it comes to player sentiment regarding this issue and the ensuing decision on how to go forward. I’ll be closing the topic.

Just as an aside, you’re free to continue talking among yourselves, but if you make a new topic about this issue, and it doesn’t contain unique content, it will likely be closed as a duplicate topic.

Thanks for your words! I’ll make sure to bring them to the developers. Just to reiterate some key points:

  1. There will be no refunds or price adjustments
  2. The $5 mispriced offer will not be made available again
  3. Those who spent $69.99 USD on the offer in question will receive added value

Happy Hunting!

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