Official Response to the Morlock Special Offer


The poll giveth to us the vote of majority and taketh from us our need to clash amongst one another. Also, added a small edit below the poll!


I can’t like the poll post twice, so I’ll like this one for the edit. :smiley:

Sadly I still chose covfefe over anything else, anytime.


Not saying it fair saying there no advantage. Do I think HH should refund the £69.99 to £4.99 yes 100% and offer all gamers for 24h the same deal not because it unbalanced the game because it the morale thing to do thats my point


Your “no advantage” argument about the offer is deeply flawed. Even if players just got a jump in fragments and sta, it helps out. Sure I can get the same amount in a week as they instantly got in a $5 offer, but guess what? It will take me a week to get there, and in that time they have a week to further progress beyond me.

The only way to “catch up” is to either pay a bunch of money to get bonuses that they got for way cheaper, OR if someone stops playing for a week.


They can’t even get the price of ther special offers right HAHAHA


@MaestroSage, to add to your comment. How the situation could be rectified.

1, the ‘glitch’ offer to be removed and NO one gets it.
2, should the ‘glitch’ offer be offered. It should be offered to Both android and iOS platforms.

Any of the above 2 situation would appease all parties. Not an in between situation where only one party gets it. It’s the same as in the analogy of having twins, one teddy bear is given to one of the twin only. And the other twin is envious and jealous of the Toy and decides to fight over it. Which resulted in a crisis for the parent. It’s no different here.

A real case study of a 5* hotel. Where their coveted rooms were mis-price at 20% of its listed price. There after the mis price rooms were pulled and those that took on the mis price were not happy about it.

To quote " we may forgive, but never forget "


@Duke_Zergem, you should, add one more line, offer the same offer to iOS too. Myself, I choose none of the above.


All im saying is decide what your upset about if it an advantage explain why. Yes some who spends money in game will advance quickier than someone who doesn’t. But at the end theh both max out and are the same powers etc. So I bought pack at £4.99 and say you didnt as price you could get it was 69.99 so I gain a week on you maxing out but week later you max out we are now the same…

What your arguing for is the price some people got the pack for and others have to pay alot more that a different arguement and one I support as ive stated many times. Morale HH should either vastly increase Pack items for those who paid alot more than me or should offer pack at £4.99 to everyone for limited time…Because it the morale thing to do and shows they value their player base not because it unbalanced the game because it hasn’t really!!!
So if Hh are listening to a Mature gamer do right by your gamers and fix this without to much delay as a small £4.99 from every gamer within this game is still a nice penny or to and shows you care about your player base and what sort of company you are!

Best why i believe to do this anyo e who paid £69.99 for it offer them for limited time the pack again for £4.99 then offer everyone 2x pack for £74.99 doesn’t that seem fair?


Terrible tone and non-constructive comment there. It’s like you never ever seen someone make a mistake before.


Why are you still talking? We already know you have nothing to complain about because you got the $5 offer.
No one is trying to change your mind or opinions.
Please stop repeating the same stuff.
You’re just a troll probably working for Hothead games to distract from the real issues until it blows over.

Go start a different post to complain about you not having every hero is worse then fair equal opportunity and treatment for all players. Your bad luck isn’t as important as discrimination here.

No one here agrees with you or clicks the heart under any of your posts.
Just please stop, because it’s very disrespectful to the ones discriminated against in this situation


Haha nice feedback. I would if I could but polls cannot be modded after several minutes it seems! Also I myself am fully iOS decked and feel it just necessary to show @HHG that the general consensus is not in favor of this decision, regardless of having had the offer or no. I remember some other games (lords mobile for one) doing regional deals as well, such as China having much better value in their packages compared to any other country in the world. Whether this region is drawn up by cartographers and politicians or technicians and marketing strategists does not matter to me. In the end we are all equal patrons to the game.
This does not equal real life situations where someone has relatives up the employment chain and gets to use those to get advantages in private or corporate life. We ALL accepted the exact same Ts and Cs generally to playing this game and all hold the same rights and plights. I feel it unfair (AGAIN, I never could have gotten the deal for I own 0 android devices, but still!) for anyone concerned that such a powerful deal was not presented to me. I for damn sure too would’ve liked that extra VIP to get to those 4 life points PvP seeing the current VIP I am. Now in about a few months of subscribing I’m surpassed by people who have spent much less on the game (I sure am no whale, but still!) and are considered higher VIP and got the extra frags. Now that just doesn’t sit right with me.


The regional offers are one thing.

This is a different matter entirely. The debacle could have been managed better. There seems to be a lack of critical thinking. Surely they don’t think they can slide by quietly, by offering a huge disparate deal to two different platforms.

As I had pointed in my above post either remove the deals offered ( which will be a hassle administratively ) or offer everyone the same deal. Which imho by offering everyone the same offer. It will boost their revenue and goodwill to the player base. From a PR view the latter would greatly benefit the organisation and make the player base happy. A Win-Win situation.


Discrimination ios gamers have to wait for Apple to approve update before the update goes live not sure if that same for deals in game used to be when I had Apple and Apple add x amount to cost of packs anyway why I don’t have an apple android don’t.

Discrimination! Android was able to get deal for a brief period until error was noticed so how did they discriminate against you. Because you might be in bed or watching a movie out with your girlfriends?

No one hearted my comments. Do I think my opinion will be popular with anyone No! Well maybe those that take time to think about what is being said you know the Mature Gamers that have 30 some years playing games and have seen these errors hundreds of times before and will again.

I’ve seen roll backs bans re offers etc etc. Seen companies take a hit in the pocket and some not. Look at EA and battlefront 2 loot boxes for most resent gamer attempted rip off and how gamers united and forced Lucas themselves to step in as the arguement was directed at the problem itself. Not as is here it gave them an advantage or I’m discriminated against.

I’ve seen companies do the right thing by its gamers and do what you are really asking for and re offer the deal so everyone gets it taking a hit to the pocket as happy gamers open the wallets unhappy gamers don’t. These days gamers are not afraid to speak up and should be encouraged to do so. DRM, Loot boxes, Game trade ins are a few of the things in recent history a constructive and huge outcry has changed things for gamers or should say hasn’t allowed things to change.

HH Should re offer the deal somehow to everyone Yes! As it the Morale thing to do! So why aren’t you happy with what I’m saying HH re offer the deal!!! Not because there an advantage or i was in bed and missed it. Because it the right thing to do for its gamer base, HH show you care and take the hit re offer the deal.

So do as I’ve said and tell HH what you want for the 69.99 or would like to get for the extra you have paid and why you think it fair!!! Don’t complain about stuff that isn’t the problem itself like I’m discriminated against because my mum sent me to bed and missed the deal.

For Example Duke Zergem makes a valid point about amount of money he has spent getting to vip level for someone who has spent far less to be above him now with 4 Pvp lives or an extra gauntlet reset. So maybe he would like a boot full of VIP points to level what he has invested and for me that valid and could maybe should be offered to everyone in game that didn’t get the offer regardless of if the paid 69.99 or not.


How about this poll might tell HH what you want most

  • HH to Give Player who Paid 69.99 boot Full of VIP Points
  • HH to Give Mix of VIP points frag cash etc to 69.99 payers
  • Re offer deal to everyone who missed out
  • Re offer deal to players who paid 69.99 for £4.99 and others at £74.99 (2xpack)

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£74.99 would be for double packs HH wins as players pay £38 ish a pack but still make ton of cash and everyone still gets a bargain


How do you mean max vip, or full vip points?


Duke Zergem pointed out that this offer means for arguement spent £100 to get level 3 VIP. Now because of HH mistake someone is now VIP level 4 for only £5. Total imbalance of costs due to an error which was quickly addressed so most players missed out on. Wasn’t because of an event etc.

He didn’t mention anything about the 100 frags of this hero and 180 of that etc nor the 1000 stamina and 1mil cash. So to me that not important or far less important than the imbalance of the vip system the error has caused. So maybe he would like say 60k Vip points added for his £69.99 investment.

Others might not care so much about such a large VIP point increase and want say 30k VIP points 400 frags 2000 stamina 3 mil cash a MIX of benefits to buying £69.99

Why I think the Win win for HH to save face and address 99% of the issue is to give anyone who Paid 69.99 the limited time to buy a second pack for £4.99 and everyone else 2 packs for £74.99 players win and still a good day in the office for HH.

Why I’ve stepped up and told a few stop complaining about ios or Android, HH didn’t tell you to buy that platform or this one so complaining about how each platform allows its game developers access is not HH’s fault. Nor is it a HH fault you had something else to do but be online when error happened, It is IS HH fault the imbalance in vip system and they need to step up and address it etc.


Ok, your numbers are waaaayyyyyyy of, please use the correct math when making a statement.

70€ is 7000 vip points not 70k, so please answer my previous question with the correct numbers


Under normal condition you are 100% Correct £10 investment gets you 1000 VIP points and £100 gets you 10000

This Error however meant players who got the offer at £5 got 7000 VIP Points for it. So if I bought multiple packs of £5 to £70 cost I would have got 98000 VIP points in total where a player who missed out on error and paid £69.99 for deal only got 7000


It’s super-unclassy to attack someone because of the way they’re able to write and construct sentences. That kinda makes me wanna mute you and your superior attitude but as far as I understand there is no block function on this forum (so you have to live with reading posts you can’t stand, or you can just chose not to read them if they bother you that much, that’s what I gonna you with your future posts).


I’ll use this one to clarify your weird math(made by @Poobgloob) .

As you can see vip 0 went to 8, not 5 or whatsoever, so what do you mean?