Official Response to the Morlock Special Offer


Advantage and not fair are 2 arguements not one.

I agree that not taking a hit on money they make from offer isn’t fair but they want money…

Advantage no as all that has happened is we have saved a week or so grinding the frags we got luckie.


Forgive me but how do you get VIP points from grinding?


And if you forget about other items and only take into account frags it is still an advantage that others haven’t had access too. It is an advantage that can possible be overturn in a number of weeks but players who got the offer have an advantage over those that didn’t get the opportunity.


Ok vip points you don’t get but did everyone get a level from it or just advace a chunk again it about cost the not an advantage.

VIP 12 needs 60000 points so 8 or 9 k doesn’t gain anything just means I need to spend less to get level 13


What ever you think the amount of advantage it would have given is dependant upon the player. For me it would have taken around 15 days to get that many frags and would have definitely taken me up a level in VIP. But it still would be an advantage over other players. I don’t understand how you can’t see that. If it wasnt advantageous to your game why would you have purchased it.

Anyway the level of advantage isn’t the issue, it’s the fact that not all players had the opportunity to access the offer which makes it unfair and HH are turning a blind eye to it and practically sweeping it under the carpet.


And what if you were VIP 0? We get it. You’re happy you got an advantage. I’m not sure what your point is, but the phrase, “don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining” comes to mind. Please stop defending your ludicrous argument and post something useful. You have lots of good posts and good ideas, but you’re way off the mark on this one and its just rubbing salt in everyone’s wounds.


Your arguments are flawed, first there was a alliance event that where you need crafting materials you can tell who had the Higher score in any alliance because they were double or triple your score… most likely because they had 1500 extra stamina to spend… this puts alliances at a huge disadvantage this event for those alliances that had more than half or all the members get the deal… these guys instantly get all morlocks for free pennies… some people who spent more in general might have all those turn those frags into heronium… this has nothing to do with luck … it’s a huge unfair advantage during a week of events that needed everything in that bundle.


Maybe I will get the cash, frags and energy, but I wont be able to get 7000 VIP points for 5$.

That’s why I personally believe they should adjust VIP points from everyone who got this offer. They can keep the rest of the deal. But this many VIP points for such a low price is unfair to every paying user.



So it not about an advantage as i said earlier need 60k points for next vip so uk just helped me their didn’t gain anything and rest you all get in time.

Complaint is about them not taking a hit and letting everyone buy it at £4.99.

I agree if I was HH id offer it at that price or atleast a huge discount say £14.99. So don’t get me wrong I think that they could maybe should but complaining it an advantage isn’t the case it a morale thing. But profit or morale hh decided on profit


@Lillypawz Trying to defend the mistake when you were one of the many being able to buy it is just wrong, people here not getting the offer is frustrated and your comments is fueling the fire…


I really do not understand where you are coming from.

It is clearly an advantage to those players who got the offer. It would take more than a couple of weeks for most people to farm that many frags and cost £70 to get that many VIP.

What I said was that arguing about the level of advantage is dependant upon the player. But to say it gives no advantage is clearly blinkered on your behalf because you got the offer. Again if it wasn’t advantageous why would you purchase it?

It is clearly an advantage and players who had the chance to purchase have an unfair jump on those that didn’t. If it wasn’t advantageous, HH wouldn’t use the the excuse of it affecting the health of the game had they allowed everyone access to the offer


Not trying to defend it. Just pointing out it not an advantage it a cost thing. Arguing player have an advantage isn’t the issue it the fact that some got it for one price others got it for another which isn’t fair I agree.

They have said they will offer something in addition in the future. Would it be easier to offer it all at £4.99 then yes should they yes from gamer point and yes from morale one. Take the hit and it keep player in game and further pay for things in game.

So don’t disagree with you all about not being happy about how they are dealing with this issue but trying to point out it a Morale issue not an unfair advantage issue.


They will offer something for the very few paying $70 instead of $5 which is obvious, noting for the majority.


Yes Agree Agree offer it all at £4.99 not 69.99 refund those that paid more or credit them would be much more preferred to we give you more in future. Hope you all get a big bonus when they do finally address the issue.


YOU need 60k and may have not made a difference.

But a VIP 0 would jump directly to VIP 8. That’s insulting to everyone who paid 5€ and is just VIP 2. I mean, is insulting to EVERY VIP player.


So you want the vip points that eqaul what others got for £5 7k ish say 70k vip points to the £69.99 you spent makes sense or atleast a huge amount. Maybe this will be addressed as it what most players upset about.and i hope you all do get a good bonus.

All im saying is if you never spend a penny in this game you can get to the same level as anyone else just takes alot longer. So saying an advantage I don’t agree with even the vip level once you max out doesn’t do alot no extra damage or health etc just time to get there takes less.

So tell them what future bonus you want rather than crying about an advantage we want 30k vip points and double frags 4mil cash and 3k stamina for example and state why you think those amounts are fair…


I know. Im a VIP 0 myself.

But this is not about “crying over an advantage”. Is about spitting in your customers’ faces. There are lots of player whose money spent got devalued because of this offer. If you want to say it’s fair just because you were lucky to buy it, go ahead. But it’s not. And if you were one of the people who got the offer at 70€, you would be complaining with the rest, not defending this.


I’m pretty sure what we need is a polling system to make things a little more democratic. So far I’ve noticed toxicity seeping into every single thread as of late. People always want numbers to prove it, so let’s grab us some numbers!

  • We got ripped off as paying customers.
  • We did not get ripped off as paying customers.
  • I am 50-50 on the fence on this decision.
  • Despite all the negative press covfefe

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This is built-in into the chat options lads! Let’s get that scientificalicious evidence!

EDIT: my definition of ‘paying’ transcends Ben Franklins. We all pay our respects to the game as patrons with time, money, creativity, loyalty, volunteer activity, and the list goes on… if you feel like you contribute to the way or shape the game is presented as, do consider yourself a paying customer!


Sorry, but the covfefe option made me unable to choose any other (also, as a non-paying customer, there is literally no other option for me to choose, but wanted to feel important) :frowning:


Same here saiko :sweat_smile: