Official Response to the Morlock Special Offer


Huge mistake giving select players a bonus while others get crap. Bigger mistake that it was during a pvp event with Morlocks so those select players have an advantage.

Another mistake doing nothing to try and balance out the first mistake. Giving out a mystery bonus to no one that would actually buy that same deal for $69/$99 while others have it for $5.
You would have to be living under a rock and buy every offer no matter how bad as soon as it came out to not notice half of every alliance getting it for $5

Unfair, unbalanced favouritism doesn’t work for me. I’ve spent a lot of real money on the game to support new content and updates, but get screwed on this deal.
I really don’t see how I can ever spend one this game again if the company doesn’t appreciate my support as much as those that got the sweet deal and is too lazy to fix their mistake


It wasn’t during a PvP tournament, and it’s a big week of farming, but also I don’t think it’s even close to the 70€ worth


Wait… so you don’t want to sell the package for the unintended price to everyone because: “This would be very bad for the health of the game, with a lot of unintended side effects that we would rather avoid, for the sake of our players.”

Yet you’re not doing anything to fix or remedy the fact that you sold the package at the unintended price point to a portion of the player base which WAS very bad for the health of the game, with a lot of unintended side effects that we would rather avoid, for the sake of our players…

That’s some really solid logic you got there, sarcasm intended.


I think that this is a very poor response from HH. They have made a mistake which i understand can happen and have no issue with that. It is how they have responded (or should I say not responded) that has been poor.

They have done nothing to address the issue that a number of players, I suspect far more than suggested have been given an massively unfair advantage over many others loyal players of the game. The only fair solutions to me would be to either refund and remove any bonuses of those who obtained the offer or give everybody an opportunity to redeem the same offer.

To say that this would be bad for the health of the game is ludicrous, more like it would be bad for the bottom line and profits of HH.

I for one will not be making any further in game purchases due to the mismanagement of this situation.


Try being a lil company and convince Apple / Google that you need to do a bunch of refunds.


Well, it’s a company. If they don’t get profit, the game may close. So it’s not a lie that this offer was bad for the game’s health


I don’t think removing and refunding from those that bought the mistake offer is the solution.
That would also be bad business just like doing nothing.
A compromise to make up for their mistake and show the community they’re trying to balance things out.
Anything would be better then nothing if you want us to believe this game has fair equal opportunity for all players.

Ideas for offers to those that didn’t get the mistake as a way to show they care about their players/paying customers.
Taking responsibility for their mistakes similar to compensating player when servers are not working properly.

  1. 10% of Morlocks offer for free
  2. 25-50% of Morlocks offer for $5
  3. Full Morlocks offer for $10-20


Also giving players an unfair advantage is bad for the games health. It frustrates those loyal players who couldn’t obtain the offer and forces them to consider supporting the game any further.

By making this offer available to all it would make it fair for all, generate revenue for HH (obviously not as much as they would expect had it been at the actual value). Solving it as they have just it leaves a bad taste!


I’ve Spent alot on this game and I did get the Low price. I paid the advertised amount as it was a bargin. Would I have paid 69.99 for it maybe spent alot more than that getting last 2 heros. Fact is you walk into a shop in uk and if the shop makes a mistake in the price of something they can’t come to your house and ask for more money. Or change the price at the till price displayed pay. If that means a few peolpe get it before.mistake is picked up on doesn’t mean everyone that then buys one gets it at wrong price. Some of us got a bargin others didn’t… Guess this time I got luckie next time I might not…

I’m missing 3 heros atm yet others have been luckie to get them from boxes want to complain about that next??? And I’ve opened alot of boxes trying…


The difference is that if you get lucky at a shop and bag a bargain on an item that is mispriced, it doesn’t affect the experience of other users of the product. Where in this case any one who has profitted from this error now has a competitive edge on others who didn’t get the chance to purchase it. I don’t have anything against the many who got the chance to get the offer, I would have jumped on if I had the chance I just think HH have handled this poorly.

Also comparing this to the random nature of crates doesn’t really apply because we buy into them knowing that it is a gamble based on random number generators.

Also as an aside you are not legally entitled to pay the price of what an item is displayed at in the UK. Most stores will honour it as goodwill but they would be well within their rights to charge full price.


So I open 10 Hero boxes but dont get anything great yet someone opens one get a 7* Hero? Doesn’t affect game? Aspects of this game is luck they got luckie with hero box I didn’t. I spend £100 trying to get say prophet he spent £4.99 I didn’t get him yet he did… going to say that fair???


But that is an aspect of the game that is based on chance. Every player that purchases a crate has an equal chance to get prophet. In that case it is unlucky if you didn’t get him but it is fair

In this incident, the mistake made by HH, has basically given certain players an unfair advantage over others. All those that had access to the offer gained a massively unfair advantage over those that didn’t get the chance. And again I’m not complaining about those who did gain that advantage because it was a great offer. It is fact that not all users had the opportunity, many of which were very loyal players.


Theres no more advantage than the hero boxes just because of a price error. Some player have played this game longer than me and are 10 star now Im a little closer to them. I dont have anything they don’t already have just little closer to 10 starring them so I can get the new currency to spend upgrading other heros.


It’s about fair and equal opportunity. Not talking about luck. I’m assuming we all have the same rates with crates.
iOS users never had the same opportunity as you did. Many of us iOS users walked into that same store the same time as you or earlier, but our support isn’t valued the same or appreciated.
We didn’t miss the sale because of timing or luck.
We didn’t get fair equal opportunity.
It’s accidental racism/sexism on a digital scale with an opportunity to make it right


Ios has always been more expensive as apple wants their cut price you pay for not having Android. Complaining about what phone you use is just crazy.


I don’t agree on your arguments, friend. The crates are gamble, everyone on the same terms. One day you’ll get Prophet. The pricing error was not on the same terms for everyone.

And while am at it, Prophet isn’t that good if you already have heroes at 8 - 9 stars. :slight_smile: I almost never use him any longer.


I don’t agree that there is an advantage we didnt get a weapon that is not available or a hero that is now locked away etc just a few things anyone with time can get.

Thou I agree the company response is favoured to the company not the users but they made this game to make money and if they can make it make it they will


My point made one day you will get the hero frags aswell the cash and the energy


With all due respect, your argument comparing it to loot boxes is just downright flawed. The chances associated with loot boxes are the same for everybody and are charged at the same costs apart from slight differences in exchange rates.

This error has given players an unfair advantage, it would have made more sense just to let the offer run so everyone had the chance and just swallow the loss in revenue (imagine it would have been that much because most players would have purchased at that rate) They have now alienated a portion of there player base due to the unfair nature.

Im sure you would be just as annoyed had they only offered this massive reduction to those players in the states and not the UK.

Anyway comparing it to loot boxes is getting away from the issue at hand and how it’s been handled. Many players will be annoyed by this unfair solution to the issue.


Also how is it not an advantage to get a shed load of frags and VIP points for next to nothing when others weren’t offered the same chance of said offer