Official Response to the Morlock Special Offer


I really don’t like this response. If it would destabilise the game selling it at the low price to all then it is an issue with those that got it! If it’s of no real impact sell it to everyone at the ‘glitch’ price. This would definitely boost your revenue for the month and level the playing field again!
Maintaining integrity at the POS? Please, you just don’t wish to refund the cash paid!
And why tailor offers to specific users? You don’t know me or my personal circumstances or what my game okay strategy is!!
Make the same offer to all players and operating systems - I’m will Ing to accept exchange rate vaguaries (I’m in the U.K. we get ripped off all the time!).


As u claim if u made the offer of 5$ will affect the game health so most of android users who already bought it (not a small number as claimed) those players won’t affect the game health yeah that makes sense lol are u talking to human brain or a 2 years kid?


How many bought it and how big part of the entire player base are they? Since you obviously have all the numbers and truths you maybe wanna share?
On this forum I’ve seen 2 people who said they bought the 5$ deal; me and another guy from a country where they talk really strange.


Me, my xo and an officer, spoke to them irl


First, all of my alliance android users bought it and some of iOS users installed the game on their android phones just for the offer.
Second, even they are small number it is still not fair to give even a single user a 70$ offer with 5$ and others can’t have that.
Third, personally I think hh just doesn’t want to reduce their own profits for any reason even if it was their mistake lol
Last, when the offer went out all the vip chat was talking about they bought it and who already have the offer won’t even try to read anything about that offer lol


I’ll be honest.

Saying “It was a mistake, but we are going to do nothing about it” can be really frustrating to people who spend way more money and saw their spending value trampled over by this bug.

Im not going to say they should refund all purchases and roll back any reward given by this offer, since I myself have benefited from other bugs and didn’t ask for them to be solved. I’m not that hypocrite

But, I personally believe that the VIP points given should be fixed from 7000 to 500 for those players who spent 5$, even if the rest of the deal is left untouched. Jumping from VIP 0 to VIP 8 with just 5$ is REALLY unfair to anybody else who spent money in this game.


Personalized offers? Really? Is that why my mates can get them for gold, but I can only pay with cash? That’s really not cool. Seriously, why does a cash payment “make more sense for” me?


Not just iOS users some android users as well because the offer was $19.99 on mine and had way less to offer than the $5 screwup


Wasn’t the same for everyone on android, believe me I wish it was because I would’ve jumped on it but it was $19.99 on mine and had way less to offer than the $5 screwup


Ya it should be put back up at the low price for a certain period to give everyone the chance to buy it


Hey all,

We can definitely understand that you’re frustrated. Feel free to continue leaving feedback if you like, but as always, keep it classy. We’ll be following the action plan outlined in the original post, and will not be putting the $5 offer back on. That being said, you’re free to voice your frustrations, so long as it’s constructive, and keeping with the Guidelines for this forum.



I think @GTSaiko suggestion is the most fair for all parts, the ones who got the offer, the ones that didn’t get the offer and for @hothead. A mistake has been made and it will be difficult to get all happy. This way at least I didn’t waste $300 to get to VIP 10 while others could almost get there by $5. They would still get a lot more than they paid for with 1500 energy and 490 frags.


Sorry you had to deliver the message. As HHG has decided to stand firm on their poor decision to do nothing about their mistake, this thread is nothing more than an impotent rant. It no longer serves a function and I think you should just shut it down. HHG’s perfunctory apology with no remediation is not accepted.


One word to sum up the matter – disappointment.


I’d love to see my VIP points get reduces all the way back to VIP 10 because it’d make me feel like I spent less and I have literally no idea what the 10+ VIP levels grant me.


Couldn’t agree with you more or have said it better myself. All this issue has done is left people who have spent alot of time and money feeling overwrought and ostracized. And unfortunately could affect the revenue of the game we all love in the future. Smh :slightly_frowning_face: Its one thing too come out and say we unfortunately made a mistake, its another to say we unfortunately made a mistake and don’t plan to rectify it.


@ULFPAM, this


@Muninn Please don’t take any of these comments personally as we understand its not your fault. As the old saying goes " don’t shoot the messenger" And think your awesome and appreciate all your hard work! :slightly_smiling_face:


The only real way to get a business to listen to you is to speak with your dollar. If everyone stops making purchases for a week, or even a few days, the developers would definitely take notice and try a little harder to make everyone happy. As is they figure this will blow over in a few weeks and no real harm done other than some posters whining and being unhappy for a short time.

Same goes for PVP min/maxing and the OP heroes that have came out the past few months. Stop buying in and they would definitely be quicker to fix these issues, but that’s for another thread…


Can I get what I paid for already