Offer Glitch

How many vip points did you get? for me it’s 10 points per kr. I would take the frags any day of the week than some gems

mine gave me 7000 VIP points. Which was enough to get me to VIP 11

Well that’s fucking disgusting. You pay about a fourth of what I would pay and get three times as much vip points.

It’s a bug, we’ll probably get compensation from it.

what is your VIP level though?

Maybe thb I don’t think we’ll get compensated from not buying anything. If we do I would be over the moon. Or if I got the change to get same deal I would buy it.

I’m only vip 1

The only real course of action is to offer everyone the same $5 deal and make it 100 frags per hero, 40 universal frags, 7k VIP, 1500 sta, and $1M cash. That or retract the offer from everyone who already purchased it and give them a refund… which would be a nightmare.

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She :wink: but yeah I already did

Oof Grill gamer XD OMGLUL

Best 5 bucks ever spent in a game. :slight_smile: Maybe it’s location based? EU players getting the goods while everyone else will have to wait for another personal offer?

Nope, Americans getting the same offer. Like I said, only consistency is with device types.

Is it? I have a member in my alliance that got the same shity rewards as me even though he’s on android and I’m on ios

Samsung Galaxy s9 here.

We honestly don’t know. It’s a strange number glitch… cause it’s hard for computers to count.

It seems that there are two offers based around similar contents.

The offer you get is most likely based around your team and/or VIP level.

The other distinction which I think has been clearly defined is a price discrepancy between device types. That being, andriod users are given the same offer (either type) at a significantly lower price. Like 90% cheaper.


I don’t think my team matter as I’m 520k power but maybe for those who have just started. I know apple usually add small amount to the price but it shouldn’t be that much. Anyway I think vip is probably the biggest factor which sucks and as I said before doesn’t incentives lower lvl vip players to buy these “offers”

I had a theory that they targeted the GOOODEST deal to ex-high paying customers who changed their spending habits. I know for one that I spent a hellufvva lot more in April / May than I’ve been doing since. Maybe we got this deal as a “please spend again” token. (and I did!)

GOOOOODEST deals BS. why would i ever decide to come out of my comfy VIP 0 spot if I dont get the GOOOOOOOOOOOOODEST deals?

I play across two accounts. My main account which has a significantly higher VIP level is given the upper tier offer.

I suspect that its a case of “lets offer something at a lower price to the lower VIP (less likely to spend) player as encouragement to spend money”, type of approach. It is a common tactic to sway people’s thinking and mindset.

Think ‘carrot-on-a-stick’. Spend a little here , spend a little bit extra next time … and before you know it, you are spending a lot more than you ever thought you would.


It was just a theory. I don’t care if you are VIP 0 or not but VIP seems to be a factor in this. It’s not UNUSUAL to give loyal customers special deals, it just stings in the eyes of the other ones.