Offer Glitch

No, yesterday those who received the rewards are the players who changed alliance and contributed in 2 alliances in the same week for example, they received a double reward, mine was a general criticism of their constant bugs that favor some or other players, there is no equality, I do not think the two bugs are connected

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I dont even get that offer. I could see myself leaving VIP 0 for such a handsome offer.

OK! I get it. Thanks! I never dug deep in the patrol crate gate.

Could be, but 2 different guys in my alliance got it.

1 who came to us at the last day of bounty and 1 who’s with us for months.

The player with the low rewards was in a bad alliance before so it could be that he got it later, cause he’s the one who’s with us a long time, the other just changed

Sir, you are not allowed to leave VIP 0 as I often use you as an example of proof that a VIP 0 player can still make awesome progress (when people are claiming that HH is “pay-to-win”).

In fact everything I talk about in the VIP Chat is GTSaiko this and GTSaiko that!


The rewards were given by calculating from the beginning of the patrols

There was discussion about this overnight and I apologize for the delayed response. We will be investigating this issue and I hope to get back to you shortly.


It’s not JUST the sta or frags though, it’s everything combined. 1500 sta is about how much you would get in 4 days if you got the log in bonus almost every time. That might not be enough to take a hero from no bar gold to plat, but it definitely gives a few gold ranks.

100 frags per hero may not level most up past 6*, but it’s still a ton of frags and really helps out. I average around 15-20 frags per hero I am working on per day (not including universal or heorinium frags I put into a hero). To get 100 is roughly 5-6 days of work. That’s per hero… you get that on 4 (and 50 extra on Razorback, so 8-10 days worth of work on him). You also get roughly a weeks worth of universal frags. 100 frags would get my Ghoul to 6* and Callious close to 7, with my Razorback close to 8. Those will make big differences come the next bounty event.

Then don’t even get me started on the 7k VIP and how that will bump you up and have several advantages. While none of these things are huge jumps initially, they really add up in the long run. So total you are looking at 500 hero frags combined, at least a couple star levels if you are in the 4-6 range, 2-4 gold levels, and a bunch of extra VIP advantages. All in all it’s at least a weeks worth of fairly hard grinding in the game.


Don’t get me wrong. I completely understand the frustration, and it’s a really nice boost.

But 1500 energy just got my silver ifrit to gold, you also have to be lucky with RNG, so a few gold ranks seems a little to much though.

And I collect around 60 frags a day out of the heronium store, with just gauntlet x2 and 5-15 PvP matches a day, so that would be 8~ days worth of frags.

Again, I understand the frustration, I won’t say you’re wrong cause you aren’t, but it’s not that we gained 10k in power because of this.

Here you can see the vip benefit.(made by @Poobgloob)

Not to say you guys aren’t right, but hothead accidentally gave vip 0 a boost to 8 for 5 euro, they lost the most out of everyone

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Glad we got confirmation that they’re at least looking into it. So some people get extra patrol crates and superior deals for $65 less…I’m feeling very unloved.

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Devs felt pity on us for Brexit.

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This is complete bullshit, I have the offer for 749,- NOK approx $90, and other can buy 7000 VIP points, 490 frags, 1500 energy and 1m cash for $5??? Feels like a big discrimination and a huge disadvantage for us not getting the same offer.

I really expect this to be balanced out… been a lot of negatives now with Role Warefare, months of unneeded nerf stating with Gammon making it impossible for us to long term invest in any long term strategy, PvP which is a pain and has become boring (used to be fun and brilliant), Endless healing and revving, PvP games taking 3x longer time, a lot less progress due to low retun of PvP gems for the time spent pr fight and that many ends with a tie or killing only a couple giving us 20-40 PvP gems for 3min… I really hope there will be some solid adjustments in next update…


Let’s not argue semantics, it’s about fairness. If android bought the offer for $5 then iOS should get the same package. Whether you think it’s game changing or not is irrelevant. What’s game changing is giving one guy an offer that’s significantly cheaper than the next guy.

There are already different offer every time, when I play this game with friends of mine I can see difference in the amount of frags, gold and the amount it costs, but that hasn’t anything to do with this glitches though

Which is kind of bs in and of itself. They need to make offers the same across the board, not give some people vastly better or worse offers.

I can maybe understand offering new players a small incentive to help them catch up a little (like 60 hero frags for 3 bucks or 300 gold), but that’s it.

What a painful and triggering picture. Puts my spendings into perspective. Lolol. YOLO though.

Even if they make the offer $5 for everyone, how are they going to compensate the players who were unaware and spent $20, or even worse, $70 on this deal? Give them the rewards x 4 and 14??

So the decision was to just pull the offer entirely and replace with a less enticing offer ? Still, some communication (in game mail probably best) informing players of the error and decision for resolution would be greatly appreciated.

Well sucks to be an iOS user.

The lucky android users that were able to take advantage of this will be dancing in the streets tonight.

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The solution of making the offer of 5$ for all will affect the game health they claimed that so what about most of android users who already have it they won’t affect the game health mmmmmmmmmmm lol
So I guess no more money spending on this game will affect my health lol

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