October Update Notes


That would make Dogface and Panzer even more powerful since you can’t even avoid their damage anymore.


how i get custom create ? i dont a vip member !!


Are you on iOS or Android?
iOS don’t have the crate yet.


Someone mentioned in another thread a terrific idea about stopping rollers. Add Stamana. If someone roles three times without waiting three seconds, reduce their speed. 50% would probably do.


Three times is one too many for the same character. Two would be the max, any more should result in slow reload, slow roll and slow skill cooldown.


So, add a panzer or Baron, and your ffed.

Either your ai messed up because they roll to find a cover left, or you try to find one.

my odachi already losses to panzer 1 vs 1, so the roll to cover is the only way to survive to get my reload without dieing, with this solution I should stand still and just die because I’m not allowed to go to cover.

I roll to another one when my cover is about to break because I don’t want the stagger and to lose my reload, this would make dogface and panzer even more OP, I don’t think this would solve anything (I agree that rolling around is annoying, but this solution would break the game and make sure 1 team owns all)


I think three is good. It would be the fourth roll that is penilized. And if you stay still for 3 sec it resets. This would keep people from rolling till skills recharge


How about, if u move the third time, u gonna set up some hidden bombs and just die …or a really big message over the whole screen sayin “you are such a pathetic being, just die already!”…I would like that…can we imply that ? :star_struck::rofl:


“Adjusted drop rates of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Components”

Can you improve it then return it back to the way it was.
At least I knew what it took to get certain items because it was unbalanced in ratio to a single map or certain items had very poor drop rates so it was pretty clear what was where and how or when to deal with it. Now it’s worse. I have yet to get something I would normally expect to get in order to move forward, that needs fixing . This does not address the items needed for crafting for me or probably anyone. Worse ratio / time & resource consumption are increased , instead of me getting back to playing the game. Bad move.


True. But you can’t be rolling around the entire game.

This isn’t a problem with roll mechanics, more of a flaw in the elemental system. They should buff elemental resistance for the softies. Make them very soft to counter elements and nutty to their advantage elements.


Well, it’s related with rolling cause the cover is being torn appart and you can’t reload