October Update Notes


It’s ridiculous that iOS update is still NOT available.


Each skill has ‘points’ decreasing them points means it doesn’t take as long to charge, unless:

Your shot points has decreased ie: from 5 to 2.

So nightingale used to cost 15 points to cast and earn 5 per shot so 3 hits would charge her heal.

Now it costs 10 points but only earns 2 per shot so actually takes 5 hits to charge so it’s a nerf and takes 66% longer to charge.


If you don’t shoot with Nightingale it takes 17 seconds to charge that skill before the update (just timed it), after the update it will probably only take 11-12 seconds… this encourage the annoying runners which almost never shoot with night anyway? Lets run back and forth and heal every 10 sec and let the AI shoot, roll around left and right :nauseated_face:, heal, roll around right and left :nauseated_face:, heal :nauseated_face:, this is so fun I’m about to die, heal :nauseated_face:… Sorry for being a bit frank, but that is a BULLSHIT adjustment!!! So if you shoot with night the time for a cooldown will probably be around the same as the reload time is long for her.

Combine the Heal/revive meta with the Night runners and you have the main reason for me not being bothered playing almost any PvP the last 6 weeks… That is from 2-4 hours PvP daily down to 10-20 min to get some min event rank (Top100-500 instead of fighting for the Top10 ranks)…


What are y’all talking about? Don’t respond I’m sure I’ll understand in due time.

So is there a tentative plan at Halloween and thereasfter for the update to continue for iOS users only to continue to collect hero frags after its ended if it’s going to be a few more days until the release hits let’s say iOS US servers so we can continue to coop with others and start participating? It’s not just limited to the US as I just ran Wesson coops with someone in the UK.


Pretty much they buffed in a sense that she gets her ability quicker ( A buff from missing shots and using oracle ability) and a nerf from her auto attacks. Pretty much it would’ve tooken 3 auto attacks to get her ability before this update and now it will take 4 hits and a fresh reload for her to use her ability. Only downside is if they have an Oracle then she will be healing like no tomorrow until it fades off.


It charges in 12 seconds now without any shooting.

1 shot will get it out in 9 seconds. 2 shots will get it out in 7 seconds.

Yes Nightingale has always been OP, it’s just funny how long it’s taken people to realize it because she’s a “default” hero.


People? Or you? Since I started playing the game lots of people told me to build Nightingale ASAP.


Telling someone to build her ASAP isn’t the same as OP. Even before her skin made her a hot commodity she was still easily the best healer in the game, but back then VIP would tell you about 5 other healers to level before mentioning her.

But yea I’ve used her to rack up 20,000+ wins so I’m totally just now figuring out how good she is. /s


The reason they advised me to build her was never because she’s crap - it’s because she’s good and has been addressed top tier for as long as I can remember. It’s not a new thing people are realizing now.

The last part of your sarcasm I can’t really respond to. 20.000 wins is great I guess, and I hope there’s cake.


And again you’re conflating “good” with “OP”.

How many “Nerf Nightingale” threads have their been? Ask chat whether Nightingale needs a nerf and gauge the reaction.

It sucks because she’s the only healer that can realistically respond the #1 OP hero (Panzer) bursting people out of the gate, and she’s also the only support that can provide marks on a frequent and reliable basis, but HHG’s decision to lump those 2 critical skills along with “passive stuns”, “solid DPS that basically ignores armor”, and “disgusting passive that was somehow buffed in the update that was designed to heavily nerf passive healing” into a single hero is regrettable and she’s a clearly OP “does everything” support. Her and Panzer are probably the only heroes in the game where you could remove one of their skills and replace it with “throws confetti into the air” and they would still easily be the best character in their archetype.


I honestly don’t understand why so many people are actually complaining about Panzer and Nightingale… Panzer hits hard yea… but she’s not unstoppable, I (on my main account and my secondary account) have beaten both of them quite often, you just got to find new heroes to actually DO That with… Legendary Nightingale heals often yes, but it’s a slow heal… and you can easily power through that heal with a good DPS (and no Panzer and Dogface aren’t the only ones, more on that later), or get yourself a heal blocker… like Wesson or Callidus (or the newly buffed Sapphyr).

I highly suggest people actually go and give the new balance changes a proper try, before losing their minds over the changes, because what’s “on paper” and what happens in match, are two completely different things.

As for Viable DPS heroes that aren’t Panzer or Dogface, why not try:

Bio: Phoenix, Odachi, Ghoul, Mauler, Artemis (hell even Moss dishes out good DPS if you’re good with sniper rifles)

Energy: Heckler, Prophet (maybe Sapphyr… I haven’t used her enough to say definitively), and Plat Halo (if you build the right team to trigger her passive)

Mechanical: Wesson, Clyde, Kunoichi, Hideo (especially for pre-plat grades), and even Bolt (again if you’re a good Sniper), and sometimes Caine (doesn’t deal as much DMG as a DMG Primary character, but enough that I FREQUENTLY have him as my only Mech on the team)

other DPS heroes I hear others swear by but I haven’t had enough playtime to test out and get a proper opinion about are: Hardscope, Fortress, Scum.


Sure there are other good damage dealers. But Panzers overwhelming dps in the first 30 seconds makes them hard, really hard to play. If Panzer focuses on any given hero and is played well he is down in 15 seconds.
I went with my 9* plat Ghoul for a 7* Plat Panzer. She attacked him, so it was like a 1vs1. And I didn’t stand a chance dps wise, even though I had the star and element advantage.
Don’t get me wrong. I beat her most of the time. But it sometimes involves 30 seconds of run and hide to not lose my heroes, before switching into attack mode.

The biggest problem is that Panzer can unload her whole clip, without having to fear that she gets killed. If the Bio damage dealers would do proper dps, you could get her into trouble so your opponent has to save her and loses some boosted bullets. But since all Bio damage dealers are high rof heroes and these are punished hard by the current armor calculation, you don’t have the option to just burst her down.

Nightingale is only used that much, because she is, together with Caine the only quick heal hero. And because of the overwhelming dps of Panzer and Dogface you need quick heal. Other heroes heal more, but the heal is to late. Until it is ready, your first hero is already down. If you could wait longer to get your first heal, the variety of healers would be higher.


how about mandrake plat against panzer?
just asking


You mean because of his gold skill?

Since you are still attackable and visible it only helps against AI and bad players. A good player doesn’t really care about it.


no, i mean his plat skill trailblazer
is it scary enough for panzer (yes i do hate panzer)?if not then i’m not bother to plating him


It’s considered the most useless platinum skill in the game. It does a few extra thousand damage to each enemy once/ match. It’s nothing you can rely on or build a strategy around.


fcken hate rollers. i wonder when they’ll implement the F this button.


They should really solve this. An elemental disadvantaged hero should never win against the advantage. I also use ghoul and mauler and it’s unbelievable how many times I lose to a panzer of lower level.


That is what the game gives you. If you have to heroes that can kill other within the first 10 seconds, but only have one hero that can partly heal against it, you have no choice but to run. And if they attack the only hero, that can heal in the first 10 seconds, you have to run with her even more.
It is the current state of pvp that makes many run, me included. I want to control my damage dealer, but if my other heroes are about to go down in run to save them until the next heal kicks in.


There should be some sort of penalty when rolling. Maybe a flinch that will slow down movement speed when hit. Maybe even a stamina gauge that depletes drastically when switching covers successively.