October Update Notes


I’m not sure I’ve seen that ‘cooldown units’ are equal to seconds.
That said, I agree with the overall point that untethering the heal cooldown such that it no longer requires firing may have undesirable effects since it will likely incentivize the already growing “run around and occassionally use an ability” issue.


Look, we don’t know what Cooldown Cost is. It is probably a unit of time but it doesn’t really matter for the purpose of my point. We also don’t know how piloting her or leaving her to AI affects her Cooldown Cost (or Passive Mana Over Time (referenced in Francoise’s update which basically seems to be the passive cooldown recharge rate) but from what we do know qualitatively, piloting Nightingale will recharge her skills faster than leaving her to AI.

But my wider point is, Nightingale seems to be the only hero who has a Cooldown Cost of 10. This seems unusually low compared to any of the figures seen in the Update Notes.

And while the devs might have intended her to connect 5 shots (instead of 3 previously) to fully charge Heal Wave/Pulse… I am concerned that the low Cooldown Cost is simply going to incentivise players to pilot Nightingale and ignore firing altogether.

If anything, I think Nightingale is in need of a significant nerf. She is just too powerful at all levels, whether 5
stars or 10 stars, with or without skin. I am not going to be the most popular guy as everyone (including me) loves Nightingale and have used her successfully. But in my view, she is imbalanced.


I did not notice any decrease in the item drop rates. Is it just the knives and stars that were adjusted?


All that served to beat others hunters more easily until now so… time passes and things change, adapt!


But she is one of the free heros that everyone can get and build


Gammonds new gold is not working, he does not revive after he got killed the first time.


Its pretty complicated
But after few matches i understood how it work


Nothing comlicated about that, should work the same as Phoenix


Seems to work for me.
Gammond gets hit and should die - instead he goes bananas for 12 seconds - THEN he die (if he didn’t kill a enemy during these 12 seconds)


So not complicated at all. Just a skill description that could need a instead of dying inserted to make it clear.



“Takes a lethal damage” = Should die but doesn’t die in HH words. Same wording for Flatline’s gold skill.
However the VIP chat said that Gammond’s gold skill actually doesn’t work all the time, seems like it’s a bit random.


It looks pretty cool tho, you gotta admit


Yep, Gammond is back in the game now as a powerful contender for a frontliner, worth running him over Heimlock.

The heals are back to a healthy level, though nowhere near as broken as Night. Burst protection is still part of his bronze kit, which is super important in the current meta.

His gold does make him hit a lot harder, and controlling him while he is on his last stand is really really intense. Getting a kill and having him revive happens once every few games, and its the most satisfying thing ever.

Nice changes on Gammond HHG!

Also: note that Gammond’s gold will not trigger if he is the last hero of the team, he just dies. No cool 1v1 duels if thats on your mind


Also for the people who can’t seem to figure it out:




  1. sound or visual effects used in film, TV, or music.

“computer FX may allow him to redefine cinema”



gerund or present participle: patronizing
treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority.
““She’s a good-hearted girl,” he said in a patronizing voice”
synonyms: treat condescendingly, condescend to, look down on, talk down to, put down, treat like a child, treat with disdain

Thanks. GT_Saiko already pointed out the FX meaning to the mistaken poster, but with some class. You just keep doing you, though.


seriously it’s insane, i play at 70-80k in pvp and the ppl that have night compared to the people without her is “night” and day. and some people will control her most the match just running around and not shooting just to keep her alive and keep the team alive, and her mark makes it easy for AI to pick someone off one by one. they talk about “roll warfare” but in reality everyone will still use the same op heroes. either they are just plain stupid (which i’m still holding out hope for), or they know this and keep it this way to have a thumb on the scale and force people to spend to get one certain hero since everything is chance related. i’m instantly putting everything into her anyway till she’s 10star plat +3, but i’m tired of there being one or two extremely powerful heroes some people capitalize on and take the fun out of the game. they need to make it fair so it’s enjoyable, NOTHING is worse than those that run the whole match as night because it’s the only strategy they can win with


he only revives if someone dies while last stand is active, while he’s STILL ALIVE. if no one dies then he dies, so he’s never revived, basically if he kills someone he won’t die. that’s how i read it, but it still won’t work till you update. in case you’re an IOS user


because this happens, I’m connected to my Wi-Fi and it does not allow me to log in. Restart my cell phone, but it’s still not solved, what should I do?


All users are experiencing this on Android it’s not your phone or WIFI


ohhh well if it is so I hope it lasts very little time I will lose my bonuses …
thanks [jlm 9912]