October Update II Notes


Mmmmm where is the next month calender ???


So since Halo changed factions, her bio still says “the Watch”. I like the switch, but why was she changed?


Any love for Cross on the forum? I never played him like ever, he was one of my totally unevolved green heroes down the far end of my roster. But I gave him some love lately and I’m surprised how strong he is!


Huge love for him!! he’s the only hero that’s done every campaign mission, was my first plat and is currently sitting on 8 star almost 9 :slight_smile: A very underrated character, and he’s been pulling close to the same damage as Hardscope in the current bounty


Love Cross! 9 stars and Platinum over here.


If Cross was doing as much damage as one of the boosted bounty characters, you must have a really weak Hardscope. Both are awesome, but I highly recommend working on Hardscope as well, he is also very underrated.


Scope is currently 7 star plat. Difference is I think scope can be a bit random where he hits unless you sit on him and make sure he stays focused. Cross is a lot brighter and once you set him on someone he tends to stick with them until they’re dead or run away. I do like Scope - he’s a hard one to kill. I just have a bias towards Cross I guess :slight_smile:


I’m working on making Hardscope platinum now - smartass me when the Magistrates events already ended. But he was just so low-starred before. Now he’s got 7 stars which is my critera for a platinum promotion. Gold+4 and those platinum pants are extremely hard to find.