October Update II Notes




In my experience min maxing is being punished, I fought a lot of 9* plat with 6* gold against my 7-8* plat team


well it is good step,
im not doubting devs hard work or seriousness for addressing this issue
(lowbies leaving cause get bullied means loss of potential income for devs perspective)

it just need more improvement than already had, because right now is not good enough
yes i believe it takes time and long iteration, but maybe speed it up a bit :wink:


Solving min-maxing issue for good
The idea is that revolve around the big difference between the highest and lowest hero in the team

So to solve this
The devs can add restriction to the team like the higest and lowest hero difference in power can range between (1-1500) (it just an example )
And if the player exceeded this range he cant go to battle

It does not matter the rank or the number of stars or the lvl
The only thing matter the power difference between the highest and lowest


That wont work.

10* plat +3 Wesson has ~17.6k power. Where as a 10* plat +3 Nightingale has ~14k power.

So really the algorithm would need to do (and probably does) step through a few checks. Something along the lines of:

Check 1: Total team power
Check 2: Disparity of power for heroes in the team (ie; highest vs lowest)
Check 3: IF there is a difference greater than X amount, do checks 4 on-wards, else go to check 7
Check 4: Star difference between highest power and lowest power hero
Check 4.5: flag team with X amount of power to be added to team power for each star difference
Check 5: Compare promotion difference between highest and lowest hero
Check 5.5: flag team with X amount of power for each promotion difference
Check 6: Skill level difference between highest and lowest power (repeat for each skill)
Check 6.5: flag team with X amount of power for each skill that differs by X amount
Check 7: Compare hero level versus skill level (repeat for each skill)
Check 7.5: Flag team with X amount of power for each skill under leveled by X amount
Check 8: Finalise power bracket/pool team drops into

I have no idea what HHG actually do or how they go about determining an imbalanced team and therefor applying a penalty. But that is probably how I might go about it.



So my experience with min maxing is probably not as tough as it is for some of you. Because I usually play around 65k-70k it’s not that likely that someone even can min max at that power range today.

Anyway I did have this match a day or so ago so I do believe that changes have been made. They might not get all min maxers but it a step in the right direction I would say.


It seems to me that the punishment is a bit inconsistent. You meet this teams at 60-70k power and get the feeling they get punished, but you meet them at 40-50k power too.


Yes that’s probably the problem here. If you have high enough power you reap the benefits as you get to be the one punishing and getting an easy win against someone underpowered, but those who actually need to see the change haven’t seen any improvement.

Is it possible that there are more min maxer in the say 40k-50k span then players with high enough power to punish them and therefore min maxers get to face players with the same power level?


I also wonder if the que specs change as you wait longer in the que. Like at first its very punishing to the min/maxer. But if you wait more than 10 seconds in the que, they open the gate s a bit more. This might not be true since we do get bot matches, but I figure its worth mentioning to see if que times effect the match ups.


castellan sentry turret description in english
the damage written is swapped between normal damage and rocket damage


HUGE thanks to the Devs for including Cross - he gets overlooked by so many people but he’s always been my favourite :slight_smile:


How is this possible? You have a much higher team power?!


Think of it like brain surgery. Would you rather have it done fast, or done in such a way that you can still remember your father when it’s over?



nope, doesn’t work that way
all i know is if the surgery takes too long there small chance of living

so, good and fast??
i already said that is a good step and i understand the process needs time and long iteration, but just not take too long that’s all (im not asking to be good in next month or next week)


Finnally cross Gets a buff though i think it is still a problem that his stun stays 3 seconds that is way too short cast has it at 6 why not cross? It would be Nice to incapacitate a enemy and then shoot him down with poison rain since that attack to easy is to Dodge and i also find it strange that halo and francoise changed factions did i think they were fine in the watch other than that this update looks really great love the buffs to castellan


sorry again @BombBella, but
did you guys remove the critical-chance bonus from Steele Commanding Presence?
or is just mistake in description?

because right now said this

once again sorry, but just to be clear


What did it say before? Did it add both the 15% damage increase and Crit Chance buff? If its one or the other I would think the 15% is better and more consistent no?


both, bonus damage & bonus crit chance


Of course it is great to have new update to keep the hunters fascinated and busy.
But I really had the idea of downloading every missions in each update. This is fucking annoying.


Personally I’d like to raise the power of Ryker and the accuracy of weapons!