October Update II Notes


I don’t quite get this. How can it refresh it is undamaged and doesn’t have a counter?
And how long are the 15% damage increase activated? Until the shield is destroyed?

In the German translation it says that the done damage is reduced. Shouldn’t it be recived?
Just read through it a few times again and maybe it is just bad wording? So the opponent attacked by Steele gets a load of suppressing fire?


Think of it this way:
Steele’s shield is depleted 50%. Then no one shoots at him for 10 seconds - tadaa, shield back at 100%.


I like the idea but i cant imagine this is going to happen often. If someone attacks him, they will keep attacking until hes dead. At least a player will.

I do like the idea of a decent frontline dps. Most people ignore the frontline and go for threats. Now i can add a decent threat in the frontline.


I think it would help with AOE ability’s that happen to hit him. If they take a portion of it while not directly focusing him he gets a small benefit of having it recharged without having to wait for it to depletes and wait for it to come up again.


Glad to see HHG punishing these team balance exploits :slight_smile:


So panzer gets new skin and does even more damage and has more health just what panzer didnt need.


I suppose. And maybe it will work well against AI opponents who turn their fire to Steele for a few seconds while he shoots them, then move onto someone else who focuses on them. Just seems like it wont be as good as some other conditional health or shield. Will have to test it out more.


Panzer’s new skin does give her health and damage boosts (assuming you upgrade it to level 3), but in the patch notes, she is clearly nerfed, and I think the skin attributes are minor.


Thanks for the report; I’ll share this with the Dev Team! Can you also report this to our Support Team via the in-game menu please? This will ensure the proper tools to fix this :slight_smile: (Nice eye!)


Yes I agree. Panzar’s raw DPS and accuracy has been nerfed a fair bit… the skin won’t compensate as much.


i was hoping that Panzers skin would give her a reload bonus.

i want to try the castellan now. i may have used him, but didnt pay attention to his stuff and thought ryker was shooting missiles


I don’t know about you guys but I feel that this update has made PvP feel more like Pre-Panzar times. Games are finishing faster, Panzar is still good but is now balanced. Ifrit as always, can be a game changer but is usually just irritating to play against.

Also, Dog, Gale and Drake the 3 accessible heroes for beginners are as viable as always :slight_smile:



Ok wtf, I must say you run a weird team with 0 healing, but that watch is completely wrong.

But most of my fights are way better especially against min maxing players


Im hoping this is a fluke. Well actually thats wai right? How did you lose? Auto battle with bad targeting?


My main team was dead and I just threw a random team out in opes of getting some extra PVP gems, so yeah it’s an odd team. Was still minmaxed like never before. :slight_smile:


So I might have missed it but I’m pretty sure Castellan’s plat got a huge nerf that wasn’t in the patch notes. Before the update he gave all allied heroes 80k-120k extra health and now he only gives like 30k-45k HP. I’m not entirely opposed to this as it always felt wrong that my 6* Castellan gave more HP than my 10* plat+1 Phalanx. What I don’t like is when MAJOR changes are NOT included in the patch notes.


Yes, min maxing gets severely punished now :roll_eyes:


We accidentally missed a section on Castellan’s changes. Thank You for bringing this omission to our attention. The Update Notes have now been updated, see below.

Castellan_a Castellan

  • Reworked Fortify:
    • Reduced Bonus Health.
    • Reduced Bonus Elemental Armor.
    • Added Bonus Armor while [Sentry Turret] is active.
    • Fixed a minor issue that prevented proper application of the Buff to all allied Heroes.


I’m glad to see Panzer got nerfed even more, and a lot of other DPS heroes got buffed. This is what I (and a few others) have been saying needs to be done for awhile now. Nerf Panzer, buff other DPS, find a nice medium.

Heroes still die now, but Panzer isn’t the only DPS capable of killing anything, and isn’t the steam engine she was before where she killed any energy hero in 10 seconds flat.