November Update Notes


So we still have to deal with the same amount of cash we had when the level cap was level 50? To upgrade just two skills from level 75 to 80 is worth a days amount of cash!!!


The level up dance is still he most unenthusiastic thing in the game.


So, when will the winners of the Kobold contest receive their prize? I was one of the winners and am looking forward to using her in my team.


They will recive Kobold for free.


I see everyone else getting here and I’m sitting here waiting for mine like I was some Vintermyst.


Lol I know, I’ve been waiting too. Hopefully they don’t put it off until later :confused:

But I had a blast making a concept design for a husband/wife hero group. Think it might add some depth to the HH universe.


savages spray and pray targets invisible enemies… holy shit that’s awesome, mandrake use to save everyone but not anymore!!! i just put a 3rd stripe on him too


Rare unnamed skin’s are for Halo and Savage


Use Plat Moss and Plat Caine to boost Nightingale’s shots, which is still deadly in my opinion


Night buffs herself 2/3 of the time with her Silver, so its way worse.


Does anyone’s else still see Pris in PvP? I’ve already updated the game. Not sure what’s going on🤷🏽‍♂️…


Please restock and look again.


So we can get her just from crates or she will be availabe on City Hall?


Kobold will definitely be a coop raid hero. Almost always, she will appear in coop on the last day of the previous hero’s coop (Anvil).


So all shields she give does damage; reflecting incoming damage and deals damage when depleted.
Does this count as Kobolds damage in the post-game statistics, or damage dealt by the individual hero whose shield did the damage?


I have also noticed a price change in gauntlet store.

Gold stars/knife used to be 5x -> 700, now 1000,


Actually after I purchased the x5 stars for 1000 gems (which I still think is a good price) and restocked the store I got the 700 gem price again.


I agree that the price is still better than using stamina to farm ;-).

I just wanted to share that i noticed a price change.

I also saw that the weird pricing for sword seems to have been fixed (3 -> 1000, 5 -> 700, became 3-> xxx, 5 -> 1000)

From what i see, now every

3x gold item => 700,
5x gold item => 1000.

to me it makes sense that all gold item should be the same price even if i’m not all that happy about a price raise.


@ULFPAM - Are you sure it was 700 for 5? It looks like gauntlet store can now stock 5 for 1000 or 3 for 700. 40% drop in value is painful.


You’re right, I’m wrong. 3x. :slight_smile:
I had very tired eyes before.