Nightingale Gold "Nerf" is a joke


Buff the healing of hero’s like matador and gammond, I never see them in pvp, and when I see them they are just cannon fodder


Thanks for contributing your feedback on this matter.

These sorts of balancing decisions aren’t made lightly or in a vacuum. Many of the decisions we make to balance a Hero look at the larger picture and involve changes that affect a larger portion of the player base than just the highest levels of play, especially someone as readily available as Nightingale.


When I ask for a nerf it’s not a question of whether I have “trouble” with someone, its almost always about the negative impact they have on gameplay.

Mandrake Gold and Nightingale Plat are still the most toxic PVP combo that exists. I don’t have much trouble with them because I bring my own Nightingale and some supercharged DPS and can beat the combo with my own superior (piloted) DPS and Nightingale’s mark.

However, when I experiment with non-meta teams I realized those 2 heroes (and Panzer) are the biggest roadblock to a more diverse and balanced meta. They simply REQUIRE a mark or else your team will lose to invisible heroes healing 10k+ per second while they roll around and get to use their skills freely while being untargetable by yours. There’s only a few heroes who can mark in this game and Artemis’s has a long CD, Ifrit’s is conditional, and Wesson’s requires you to play Wesson (oof, maybe he’s not so bad now haven’t tested).

Same story I told about Panzer, her overall DPS is bordering on balanced, but her ability to vaporize almost the entire energy front/midline roster in under 10 seconds makes a staggering number of heroes non-viable in PVP. I believe that Anvil’s shotgun has even better weapon DPS, but he remains balanced because he can’t just chunk any Bio hero in his first mag and he has lower HP to reflect his “offensive” nature.

So Panzer isn’t as much of an issue now for teams simply because the meta adapted and now nobody uses energy frontlines and midlines because they’re just free Panzer food. Does that mean we should just accept that now? That most of the energy lineup simply can’t be used in PVP because of a single hero’s ill-conceived design? No, of course not. Panzer can still be a monster shotgunner and scary mech DPS without being able to dump out half a million damage in under 10 seconds, and we should demand that from the developers just like we should demand changes to other heroes.


yeah as much as i complain about powerful heroes that seem to be on every team, i’ve started to see some team combinations that are just as powerful. nightengale is compatible with every hero but you have other options that can be even more effective. lately i’ve been seeing people destroying the orthodox panzer/nightengale comp with heroes like mauler/halo or ronin… and the whole time that panzer/nightengale team was dominating those combinations were still as strong, so maybe we as a community need to be more creative in what we can discover. cuz i honestly prefer this consistency of hero strength because it use to change the whole the game up every update with an op hero or crazy new stats, and i was always scrambling to catch up to the whales so i could compete in top pvp. now that things are consistent i can get use to using more team combinations and becoming familiar with them without having to ignore it after the next update because they’re not effective anymore . i hated when an update was released and all of a sudden my a-team would get destroyed by an all new setup. ever since they changed the armor and health with ifrits update and everyone was finishing pvp matches without killing a single hero, then within 2-3 subsequent days they fixed the over correction and i have to say that since that moment they’ve been consistent enough for me to be happy. cuz that’s all that matters, my happiness. i know people are use to me exploding in anger at them on these threads but since things have remained the same i’m good… and think they finally found their groove. i’m still an angry miserable human being so don’t let this nice post change your opinion


Mandrake and Nightingale are overpowered for such readily available heroes. Some other as well ad Dogface and Panzer to the equation and you have a large number of very strong teams lacking good counters outside of the same heroes. There is a number of people downplaying this every time this is being posted here. They are either trolling or don’t want their favourite power trip team changed.


Since the patch, I rarely see Nightingale’s stun proc. Granted, I don’t build a crit team around her. I think her mark is still great and I have no problem with it. Her active heal I think is about where it needs to be. Her passive healing is where I feel she needs a little more nerf love. As Sogui pointed out, it’s particularly egregious when paired with Mandrake’s invisa-heals. I still think that cross rezzing from running multiple rezzers on a team is total cheese b.s. and needs to be addressed before we continue tweaking some of these heroes.

I also agree with Kraterios, that while the developers are swinging the nerf hammer to get a hero 5% closer to perfect, that time could be better spent buffing the back benchers into something useful.

Overall great job by the dev’s. We hit a rough patch a few months ago and it caused alot of frustration. All I’ve seen lately is pretty balanced new heroes, good and needed balancing to existing heroes and great new content.


I have no problem with Nightingale. It’s her Legendary skin I have a problem with. That skin seriously needs to be nerfed. 90% of my PvP losses are vs a team with her on it & 100% of the time she comes out to be the MVP.


The main problem is with her passive heal in combination with Mandrake’s invisibility. In many games I kill her last especially when she is wearing her skin as she does not overcome the damage I put down.