New November Hero Contest


First time ive won something! :slight_smile:

I got a bunch of frags saved too so I’m excited to see what she can do!


You and me both! Highest of high fives!


Until the war with Kurtz began, Kobold was but a simple fighter. With the war, when many of the factions were forced to join Kurtz, Kobold joined the People’s Guard. After she learnt about biochemical weaponry from Mauler, Kobold fought alongside Castellan and the others. When faced with the KLG Black ops, however, the People’s Guard could not stand. Barely managing to escape, Kobold decided to learn the art of creating shields. She held this desire for a long time until when, on a raid, they met with the UAF. She learned how to make Shields from Butter, on a condition, that she would join the UAF. After biding farewell to the People’s Guard, she set out with the UAF. Extremely talented with a rifle, she was almost unbeatable in combat. But later, during a surprise raid by the KLG Irregulars, she was captured. However, during a raid by the Patriots on the KLG Irregulars hideout , she was rescued. Kobold did not know where either the UAF or the People’s Guard were. She decided to help the Patriots with her Shields. She applied the knowledge of biochem and the art of creating shields together. As a result, she was able to make new corrosive shields, better then the normal ones. Surge made her a new set of armor and an experimental weapon. All tooled up, Kobold now fights alongside the Patriots, supporting her allies with her shields, striving to fight and liberate the people from Kurtz and his forces.


Crosses sister who has joined to avenge their parent’s


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Is it a good idea to creat an avengers


I’m so pumped for Kobold. Hopefully she’s a good addition to the team! Thanks for accepting my submission! - Danny C.


Kobold he keep absorbing the damage from all allies try to protect from the dying.In memory of his old die friend he became more powerful to protect his allies.chrges the shild which is run over 10 second not been destroy before 10 seconds after 10 seconds shild will be automatically gone.


Sorry to spill the milk but the contest ended 4 days ago. :frowning:


Kobold grew up as the runt of the litter, always laughed at and made fun of for his size and athletic ability. Gammond was often called to his rescue as other bullied him at home school and even in his jobs. The culprits often saying we only having a laugh it doesn’t mean anything. Gammond took him eventually under his wing as a forensic detective.
Gammond finally tracked down the Morlocks den or so he thought. Looking deeper at the clues Kobold noticed this but it was to late Gammond and the other Patriots had already breached the building. Kobold small frame allowed him to reach each Patriot and drag them to safety.
For his bravery no longer would he just be the smart kid but a valued member of the team, there to come to his friends aid shielding them from harm.


Congrats to the winners! :clap::clap::slightly_smiling_face: Hats off to Ulfpam for that Koreanesque drama :laughing: I must say the submitted stories have been an interesting read, even those who didn’t “win”.


Hey there! I was one of the contest winners of the Kobold contest, but haven’t yet received the hero. Looking forward to using the character!

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Did you win through facebook or the forum? They should send you a message through facebook messenger if facebook, or a private message through here on the forum in order to confirm the correct account.


I won over Facebook, but I sent a response over Facebook as well as the forum. I also sent a PM to one of the devs.


May have just been an overlook. I’m sure you will get your answers and Kobold soon enough.

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I’m not super worried about it, i’m sure it’ll work out.


Of course. You won, so you’ll get your price. Hothead Games ain’t rascals! :smiley:
I remember some months back after a DEVastation tournament they also made a mistake with the rewards and one guy didn’t get his but after pointing it out he of course corrected the mistake.


Kobold and her brother Ghoul were inseperable as children. They even made their own masks in kindergarden before the war. When Kurtz started the war their family was torn apart. Their parents joined the UAF as soldiers under Colonel Wesson’s leadership, only to fall victims to an ambush by the fabled Rangers. Stricken with grief, Ghould found consolation in creating destructive chemical bombs, while Kobod preferred protecting others with the same chemical substances. After venturing into an open sewer scavenging for supplies they encountered the Morlocks, whom Ghoul was immediately accepted for his destructive devices. Kobold, on the other hand, struggled to be accepted as her shields were considered useless against Heimlocks medical knowledge and Ifrit’s revival spells.

When the sweres were raided by the UAF Kobold saw her brother’s destruction at play, and realized that her brother had accepted his destructive nature. When a stray missile seperated them, Kobold managed to get out of the sewers, not knowing whether her brother survived or not. She wandered until finding the People’s Guard, and after learning about their motives she decided to join them as a shielder. But she found out they were corrupt and were getting payed by Kurtz to ignore most of his attacks. She secretly began contacting the UAF with the information in hopes they will apprehend them. The mission went horribly wrong, and Kobold was shredded by Savage’s Spray ‘n’ Pray. Left for dead, she was eventually found and revived by Flatline, who took her to the Patriots where she was finally fully accepted as a shielder and protector. However her body was badly damaged and her face was permanently scarred, leaving her no choice but to don her childhood mask and join her fellow Patriots on their mission to peace.


Did you contact them via the in-game feature to contact support?
You need to check if they responded by going to to the Support game again (via your avatar). Look for a red dot.


DM’d you :slight_smile:

Just for future reference for New Hero Event Winners, please make sure to check your private messages from the media source you submitted your answers to (Forum or Facebook). This is to insure the winners’ security and that they receive the reward as quickly as possible. Winners will only receive the Hero when they respond to the message I contacted with them with. I really appreciate your understanding throughout this process!