New November Hero Contest


Kobold—Daughter of Surge and Hero for the New America!

Kobold, the daughter of Surge, has risen through the ranks with the highest of honors and boldest of tactics. As a sharp shooter, she prefers to shoot first, melt bullets, and ask questions later as she leads her squad to victory in defending the values of the Old United States. She’s picked up a thing or two from her father, preferring to corrosively shield and charge than mess with gravity.


he’s a KLG soldier that’s been possessed by an evil german spirit and out for revenge on his (the spirits) killers. the soldier can speak to the spirit and they have an odd couple thing going on, like venom and eddie brock per-say. after getting revenge on the people that killed the german the two fight crime with the patriots!


Hello! I have a question.
When is the contest over? I’m getting sweaty here seeing more and more backstories drop in!


Nah no worries, your entry is among the best of the lot, I’m sure you’ll win. You have nothing to fear!

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You made an entry?
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Your story was great indeed. Imma give it a heart.


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Man a lot of people are tying their story to Ghoul. I’m feeling like I should’ve now too lol


Undercover patriots agent within morlocks


Welcom and thanks :slight_smile:


Jason from friday 13th


A broken down soldier taken in by Maven and Ghoul and trained in use of biochemical warfare. In due time, she learned well and quickly rose through the combatants in the Razordome. Until Kurtz came back for his property, sending in his Black Ops division at the same time when a Patriot force consisting of Surge, Fortress and Flatline entered the crossfire, leaving the rest of the Morlocks to die, with nowhere else to go after being saved, Kobold swore to destroy all of Kurtz army and allied with the Patriots, who gave her access to powerful Shield tech.


Fooled by faction leaders, who tuck tailed and ran. Only seeking higher reputation and glory, one waited in the scum. After watching everyone grab for glory, one waited to lead.
After following the morlock into the sewers she learned anarchy gives power.
After watching the military rain down hell on her life she learned humility.
Mercenarys, shoremen, the watch, all feared the final fight.
One didn’t, she prowled the darkness.
Seeked the weakest in power but strongest in character, she found the down trotten patriots.
Weak by their core, her learned bio skills brought strength unknown to the alliance.
Years of hiding and surviving brought a realistic view to light.
Build and survive, dig deep and live.
The core is to live.
No matter who you have to destroy.
Long live the Patriots, long live freedom of oppression.
Long live the black sheep who fill the void.
And destroy the enemy.
One day we might again be freed.


Kobold was hit with radioactivity from cobalt, and learned to control its’ corrosive power to his advantage.


I don’t think this was announced here but the contest ended yesterday. The winners have already been selected.



Kobold is the brother of Surge.
They grow up together but at the end they were separated. After there biggest fight where Surge killed kobold. But then flatline came to the rescue
Of kobold she revived him to safe hes life…

So the life of Kobold and flatline started as friends Kobold joined then the Patriots with flatline. And they battled side by side.


I’m glad y’all liked my submission.
My in-game username is: GG HotHead.
Congrats to all who won!

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With the Patriots losing their foothold in the war they turned to desperate measures. Sapphyr had uncovered the Morlocks plan for defense soldier. The soldier would have abilities to change how warfare on the frontlines was fought. Flatline organized the raid and was successful at extracting out the prototype.

The soldier was unstable and non loyal as she was still in the early developing phase. However, Surge saw the immense potential of Kobold. He created a device called the Continum Transfucntioner with the power warp one minds.

After several weeks of modifying and engineering, Kobold is loyal to the cause and ready to help the Patriots re-established their presence in the bitter war.


Hate to break it to you guys, the winners have been chosen


I am very pumped. I hope she does more than the regular shielder does. I have 1000+ green fragments saved up for her.