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Jarek is brutal heros


Jarek, step brother of Kurtz, from birth Jarek always had a sense of protection for his step brother Kurtz. Intelligence of Kurtz’s experimental team used Jarek for there “one of the best” ideas for a berserk soldier. Enter Jarek. Protecting Kurtz was Jareks main purpose, itching to join Kurtz’s army, Jarek takes it upon himself to go behind the back of Kurtz and manage a team of skilled mercs to do missions that help Kurtz but puts himself at risk… blood thirsty Jarek loses control and in disrespect to Kurtz, Jarek loses sight of his main purpose.


We can, and we do. Don’t worry!


Jarek has no memory’s of his past this was caused by a brutal encounter with Kurtz and his law givers. That left him for dead. Kurtz saw potential in Jarek and decided to erase his mind. To gain control of Jarek Kurtz put that hard helmet that has mind control and turned Jarek into an even brutal fighter than he was. Kurtz decided to employ him as an irregular and he now works for Hideo and his crew. The irregulars have missions that only the best of the best do and Jarek has now been unleashed upon the world. His skills are a clamp type arm that allows him to subdue his foes before he pounces on them from a distance. He is a front line Brawler/ healer he heals from his helmet this was enhanced by Kurtz to allow Jarek to heal himself and his ally’s while in combat. He can also reflect 50 percent of the damage he receives back to all enemy’s that are still alive. This gets stronger the more damage he absorbs. He is always constantly healing himself up to the other 50 percent of damage he receives this is why he is such a formidable foe he only takes half the damage that he receives, but reflects it back to his attackers.


Jarek survived from body alternation and extreme training to become a brutal fighter.

His cruel personality makes him satisfied and loyal with his job in KLG.


The emergence and sighting of heronium first arose two months prior to the events of Zero Day. A potent substance, heronium arose in trace concentrations across rock formations throughout the world over the
mere span of a week, with its origin a mystery. Heronium was immediately found to trigger rapid and irreversible changes to the human physiology, changes which researchers struggle to comprehend in the early days of sightings. What is known, however, is that subjects exposed to heronium appear to swiftly develop enhanced strength and resistances previously not known to humans, leading to it quickly gaining the nickname ‘heronium’ by the population.

The “Jarek” incident, occuring just two days after the emergence, was the first recorded alteration of a human due to heronium. A small detachment of police in central America was sent to investigate the incident after contact with a mountanous village was lost for a few hours. Arriving at the village, they found only ruins littered with bodies, as well as the sole survivor of the village. The survivor claimed that their Jarek, the mountain man, has became deranged and turned upon the rest of the villagers. Filled with disbelief, the officers reported the findings and prepared to arrest the survivor. It was at that instant Jarek attacked. They were never heard of since. Jarek was only contained later with the help of the military, and was sent away into a guarded research facility.

Rumours of a super soldier project was swiftly silenced as the zero day struck. The KLG would soon discover the rumours to be true as they raided the facility, and found Jarek converted into a drone, twice as powerful and equally deranged. Now assigned as Kurtz’s personal bodyguard, Jarek has yet to see deployment, serving as KLG’s secret weapon when he is needed.

Beware hunters, for Jarek is not a foe to be underestimated. Fueled with feral rage, Jarek is able to effectively disable his target before finishing them with brutal blows, both from up close or afar. Those who survive his onslaught are left weakened and sapped of strength, serving as an easy target for the KLG forces accompanying him.


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Congrats to the winners!

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I am not sure if this has been posted yet, but I wanted to transfer from Facebook to the forums the winners of the new hero Congrats to all of you and the back story’s were nice to read.

Congratulations to our Contest Winners! Special props to Methamoriaz​:art: for the sweet fanart and ULFPAM :rofl: for giving us a good chuckle!

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