New January 2019 Hero Contest - Winners Announced!


If I see their name on the list of winners, I’ll make sure to speak up about it. But, I’m sure the developers catch submissions being duplicated.


Yeah, I’m adding a disclaimer after each plagiarized submission.

EDIT: Also, thanks! I enjoy going crazy with backstory and lore! :wink: Yours are really good as well!


He’s probably a stunner that what it seems from the picture


This is my first time doing this; the contest wants a back story so I sent a short introduction bio. I read others and there all so long and detailed, they are great however I only submitted a short back story like the hero’s have in game. Hope I did it correctly, the past contest have asked to predict skills, elements and line placements…not this one. I wish everyone the best of luck and may the individuals who take others ideas be disqualified! I would think they would notice by time posted.


Recruited by Kurtz after hearing Richter’s stories of a man named Jarek whose ruthlessness, savagery, and appetite for carnage was so ferocious that he was expelled and subsequently hunted by the Czech Republic’s 601st Special Forces. The 601st had briefly experimented with mechanized/human hybrids, but after their initial two hybrid test subjects - Richter and Jarek - showed signs of repentless bloodlust the program was shuttered immediately.

Jarek’s primary weapon - “The Jaws of Death” - rips apart anything or anyone in its path. The Jaw is magnetic, and Jarek can recall it back to his arm on a whim due to his mechanized/human hybrid enhancements. He has a special ability called the “EMP” (electromagnetic pulse) that can briefly disable robotic opponents or those opponents with mechanical enhancements.


It doesn’t matter how long or how detailed your backstory is. If the devs like your story, you’re sure to win.

With this being said, good luck.

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Jarek is apex predator who Kurtz recruited from the underground fight world. Jarek loves nothing more than fight and Kurtz gave him the opportunity to wreck havoc on the population. The devastation he is going to cause makes him a perfect fit in the Irregulars unit. He has a magnetic grapple claw that will bring is opponents to him for a good smashing. He isn’t one for normal combat because he going to charge at the frontline gaining momentum for damage he causes.


When will he release?


There used to be a man within him, somewhere when there used to be a hope.

A faithful and loyal bodyguard to traid boss Yamatoshi, Jerek had something which someone who had choosen a dark path never had, a loving family and a best friend, who also worked with him for Yamatoshi.

It was a seventh day of Kurtz insurgents inside Chinatown. Yamatoshi along with his two faithful bodyguards decided to meet other gang leaders to curb his movement. It was a trap as Kurtz army ambushed them. He and his friend, tried to save Yamatoshi but went under the heavy attack lead by Odachi and his faithful assasins. He took on Odachi while his friend fled with Yamatoshi. He fought valiantly untill Odachi cleaved his hand and jabbed sword into his eyes.

He remembers waking up to searing pain and saw a face staring at him. He remembered choking inside a glass tube, submerged inside a vat of chemicals. He turned around and tried to move his hands and throw his legs, untill he realised he couldn’t. He saw a partial reflection of himself, of what he remembered and what was left of his face, inside the chamber. He was no longer a man.

He was given enhancements by this new man who had saved his life. He often would remove his enhanced visor to remember the face out of his mangled inhuman face. He had a life, he knew, before he was made into something.

He choose the same weapon he died with, enhanced and added it to his arsnel. He remembered learning to master it with someone, someone very close to him. He would look at his tattoos, which he remembered sharing with his friend from his old life.

Now he served the man who saved him, for he had no purpose of his own. He owed him a life and he was bound to it. He held nothing back in his battles and earned a special spot in heart of his savior and his compadres, except Odachi, which he never understood. He was left to serve with Irregulars because of Odachi’s distrust and fought galant battles along with demolishers like Ritcher and Cinder.

He also had a charred photograph of him with two kids, and a woman smiling and looking at him in his pocket when he died. For reason unknown to him, he would smile looking at that woman. It gave him a futile hope, he knew, to a man who no longer was a man, that there is a reason to fight.

It can be guessed that his best friend was Mauler who later found his way into People’s Guard. His wife and kids could be alive, and serving battle with or against Kurtz and it is story for other time


A former member of the X-Men, Jarek was filled with Adamantium and released into the world. Most know him by his alias Wolverine, just look at the pork chop sideburns. After Stan Lee’s passing, Jarek was left to wander aimlessly without purpose.

During his travels, he came across Richter who introduce him to the KLG irregulars, gave him a gun because a hand full of Gillette razors wasn’t gonna cut it, and focused his rage into pure defense for Dr Kurtz.

Now will the ability to regenerate and a toughness that puts “loves to fight guy” to shame, Jarek runs through enemies with unrelentless force. Hard to contain and not exactly the kind of guy you’d wanna grab a beer with, Jarek is a stand alone force with a very short fuse.

Notice the sideburns and the rage? Coincidence? I think not


a hero who was half-dead before kurtz found him
he was a patriot who was helped upgraded by fortress but was abandoned on a mission barely alive.
kurtz found him and offered him salvation on the klg irregular team. he trained with the klg and now became a big defender and heavy damager for the klg irregular
he uses his arm cannon to stun and root his enemies so that they wont run away before backup arrives.
he is a perfect weapon to soften up the enemies lines and believes he will never to be abandoned in a fight ever again.



It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No it’s a humongous clothespin-jk. An escapee from a Kurtz warrior facility, Jarek, worked in a high-tech junkyard and was ‘inducted’ into a hybrid warrior program after his high threshold to physical distress was brought to the attention of Kurtz scientists. He was an ideal subject for a subgroup of scientists, secret, (even from Kurtz) hybrid project. Their experiment’s were aimed at testing the realization of poly-element warrior. The pressures of secrecy and working with unknown factors lead to a lapse in controls of their subject who wrecked the joint upon escape only to emerge some uncalculated time later


He was apart of the uaf airborne and got captured by the klg. Jarek was forced to join the klg or else the klg will kill his family. So he had to train with Steele and eventually joined the klg to fight against the uaf and his friends.

account name : Eagle snipers


Jarek is a force to be reckoned with. But, he was never this way before.

He was an athelete in school, and one of the most popular kids there. He got good grades and was liked by his classmates and teachers. Jarek was a good person in general. However, one terrible accident at practice nearly costed his life, and completely changed his personality.

As Jarek was throwing a football around with his best friend Seth, his friend threw the ball so fast that it hit Jarek smack in the center of his eyes, knocking him out cold.

When Jarek woke up, he was in a hospital bed, bandage wrapped over his eyes and forehead, obscuring his vision. “Huh? Where am I? What’s going on?” He panicked. The only thing that he remembered was him and Seth throwing a football around.

As Jarek got older, he did noticeably worse in school, was rude to his classmates, and was losing his popularity. He wanted to be with people who were like him, people who are mean and rebellious.

Months after Zero Day, he found the perfect faction: the KLG. He was accepted, and soon after, he became a member of the Irregulars.

IGN: Gamerbroz47


The tattoos covering Jarek’s right shoulder – representing fire, steel and blood – remind him of his unforgettable past.

He watched his village burn to the Invaders.

He remembers the pain, the smoke, and the screams.

He remembers the grievous slaughter. Of his father, of his mother, and of his brothers and sisters.

He remembers the futile resistance he and his friends attempted to put up, only to nearly give up their lives to the Shock Troops.

All for the Cobalt Steel mined nearby his village at the edge of the Bear Forest. Cobalt Steel which was light yet unyielding, supple and strong.

No more will this happen to Jarek. He will enact revenge. He will take back what he has lost. He will clamp down the Invaders, seek out their outposts one by one and destroy their base.

He has harnessed enough Cobalt Steel to make himself an armor piece of immense strength and power. He has adopted the symbol of the Great Bear and with his Bear Trap mechanical device no enemy can escape his onslaught.

With what measure of brutality he received, twice will he repay. He is the Brutal Fighter and his name will be known.


“Look there, there it is again! What is that?” Ryker whispered.
“Probably just an animal, a hog I would assume” Oracle reassured as the shadow of the stalking creature disappeared behind the rubble and continued; “Stop being so damned nervous Ryker, this isn’t like you!”

“Well, I don’t know… I got a really bad feeling about this…”

Wesson blew some dust from the barrel of his rifle and reloaded it. “You want me to go check it out Rykie boy?” he said like he was taunting Ryker, “you afraid of badgers now?”. Wesson went to investigate. There was absolutely nothing there. Wesson turned to face his comrades and when he opened his mouth to speak, some boomerang thingy came flying hitting Wesson in the head so hard he became rooted to the ground. From absolutely nowhere the creature rushed forward and knocked Nightingale into a disoriented state. She recovered in 4 seconds but was also silenced hence couldn’t heal Wesson up. The creature then disappeared again.

“Oh no, it’s the mythical Jarek!” Ryker screamed as he fired a barrage of missiles into the air.
“Jarred!?” Oracle questioned.
“JAREK!” Ryker repeated.
“Alright I got it the first time. Who is Jarred? And why did you fire into the air?”
“I had to get Nightingale unsilenced. When you get silenced by Jarek it lasts until an ally activates a skill.”
“But you still could have targeted Jarred…?”
“Jarek. And yes, but I panicked, OK?”

A healing wave swept through the battlefield.

Wesson, still rooted but fully healed aimed his rifle around at, seemingly, nothing. “Where did the hog go?” he asked. “Let me at him!”

“It was no hog, Wesson, it was a guy called Jerry” Oracle educatedly said.
“Nah, could’t possibly be Jerry” Wesson replied, “my nephew and I ain’t got a grudge to each other”.

“JAREK!” Ryker proclaimed. “HIS NAME IS JAREK!”.

“Woah, that’s no good news…”. Wessons face changed from raw anger to something more troublesome.

“What intel do we have on Jarek?” Ryker asked.
Wesson took his notebook from the pocket inside his jacket and started reading:
“Well, he’s of direct descendant of Stalin’s bear-soldiers. He’s raving mad and can not be stopped until he is the last remaining enemy. Until he is, he prays on both allies and enemies to stay alive. There are supposedly a few of his race still ravaging the remains of our country but Jarek is, from what I have gathered, the only tame specimen of his kind.”
“He is TAME? Didn’t look tame it to me.” Nightigale interjected.
“Ask anyone in the KLG Irregulars about it, they’re the ones to got him on their side”.
“oof. I would prefer NOT to talk to those guys!”.

Ryker had his thoughts somewhere else, and asked “Stalin’s bear-soldiers? Exactly how old are you if you can remember that Wesson”? Wesson frowned:
“I learned about that from Google you jerk! You should try Google some time, it can educate you, you’re always just playing your silly games.” Shortly after Ryker opened his Google app and typed in “Is Wesson the oldest man on earth?” The gang laughed for a bit and decided to hunt Jarek down. “Come on, let’s go.”
“Well, i can’t go…” Wesson said. “I’m kind of rooted here you know…”
“How long does his rooting curse last?” Oracle asked, “a normal rooting effect is released after a few seconds but you’ve been standing here for 5 minutes now Wesson…”
“It says here” Wesson said and pointed to a page in his notebook, "that the effect lasts until the end of the battle".
“So this battle is not over yet? Is Jerry still stalking us?” Oracle said in a worried tone and looked around.

“Seems like it… He can attack again at anytime, or in a week. We can never know.”


I noticed a similarity :+1:


Born in the mountains where a magical auora seeped into him, boosting his strength and gifting him with immense powers. After the UAF repelled Kurtzs’ forces with ease, he sought to Jarek to fulfill his desperate need for protection. Soon after, Kurtz realized that Jarek housed great potential and power, therefore making him second-in-command to the KLG-Irregulars.

Strong and brutal fighter, Jarek disables enemies with powerful attacks and provides his allies with buffs from his time and training in the mountains.


Yep, but when he got a gun, he got triggered and said oh shoot.


Jarek is born in a warrior family. His father Lord Commander Sivbon is the ruler of Marhat… Marhat is initially divided into many factions fighting against each other. But Sivbon unites them all and forms a new country of Marhat. Sivbon marries Soin after assuming the throne. The day when Jarek is born, the family healer witch declares him to be a demigod born as a disruptive force in the world and who will decapacitate his enemies.
Jarek is set on being trained in all arts of warfare and administration. On one side Sivbon is all caring to his subjects but Jarek comes off as a little arrogant when dealing with others.
But as the fate will have it, the faction leaders opposing the union of Marhat and hence Sivbon conspire his assassination along with that of his family. All these opposing leaders plan a civil war among all the factions which formed the Marhat.
Sivbon takes part in the war to stop it from affecting his subjects. But one of the opposing leader Ganos stabs him when Sivbon is fighting an enemy. Ganos then cuts off Sivbon’s head and pikes it on a spear while declaring himself the new King of Marhat. Ganos then marches to the royal palace to kill off the remaining family of Sivbon but is stopped by Sivbon’s loyal family healer witch who feigns loyalty to Ganos and tells him not to kill Jarek as he will be unsuccessful and also world will see him as a child killer suspecting his bravery. Witch explains Ganos the future of Jarek.
Ganos forces the healer witch to put a spell on young jarek due to which eventhough with all the powers in the world, Jarek forgets everything and is abandoned in the forest outside Marhat.Ganos imprisons Soin, wife of Sivbon as she stops his advances.
The loyal healer witch, hiding from Ganos hands Jarek to a tribal leader and puts an antispell on Jarek according to which Jarek will eventually realise his full potential and will return to avenge his father Sivbon and reclaim the throne of Marhat.
The tribal leader then raises Jarek as his own son. And in coming 20 years, Jarek grows up to be a tall burly young man who is caring for the entire tribe.
Meanwhile Ganos to increase his ever expanding empire, now focuses his attention on the jungle, the very jungle where Jarek is kept hidden away from Ganos.
A war ensues whereby the tribal leader is killed and the entire tribe now looks upto Jarek to save them. Jarek eventhough strong and burly physically has no experience of a war. But as he takes his stand in the battlefield, all this powers come rushing into him… Everytime Jarek kills an enemy, his power doubles up.
Jarek routs the entire royal army of Marhat and has face off with Ganos. At this time the witch reminds Jarek of his lineage. In the ensuing fierce battle, Jarek in a fit of rage decapacitates Ganos and the other faction leaders. The witch asks Jarek to assume the throne and so in a week Jarek is coronated… His mother Soin is freed from prison. Jarek rules his subject better even better tham Sivbon.
After a few months Jarek is approached by few people who request him to help them establish Law in this world.
Who are you guys? Asks Jarek
We are KLG irregulars, comes the answers… And so the journey begins…