New Hero Contest - October Update


Congrats to the winners.

I hoped for some more information, not really a reveal the hero only got a name.


I never win these. :frowning:

Congrats y’all.


Oh. I won.

uncontrollable inner excitement


:+1: glad to have been able to win. this is the start of a good week. going out of town in a few minutes and i get several days off of work drama. so i cant wait for the October update to happen soon


congratulations guys, please inform us your experience about the hero yes?


I won??!!

Hell yeah!


Anyone got their price yet? Seeing bunch of peeps with her already and im still waiting for mine


those bunch of peeps probably just gambled for her with the crates. i take it that we [the winners of the contest] will get her once dojo starts in a few days. but im hoping thats not the case.


I was lucky for once got MIN in 2nd tier crate



mkay. so have to wait for android peeps to be able to get her then?


Third tier for me. How’s your Min evolving?


Wait on IOS for her -.-


im on android, so thats going on…


You’re getting her for free, relax and let things sort out. They wanna send the prize to everyone at once but ATM they are unable to since the iOS version has problems.


Not done much with her atm been busy using parts with heros I already have but she shows promise with higher level


Dont worry relax as can be, was just wondering is all XD, its less bothering than having to wait on IOS fpr the actual patch, was just expecting her “first thing in the morning” My Ipad is to old to run the game anyway lol


I was responding to GIR. :slight_smile:


Oh lol my bad then, not even on an IOS device and im waiting on them kind of ironic