New Hero Contest - October Update



Bronze-Reflective stun, reflect damage and stagger opponents when damaged for 6 seconds.
Silver-Charge up, increase all teammate shields by 8,000 initially, then 3,200 per second for 10 seconds.
Gold-passive-Silencer, 5% chance to reflect incoming damage back onto opponent and silence for 6 seconds. All teammates gain 5% chance evade incoming damage.
Platinum-passive-Counter Shield, whenever this hero reflects damage onto a opponent, all heroes gain 4,200 shield for 6 seconds.


good luck hope everyone posted for facebook!


Bronze deployable Barrier
Silver Heal boost (like Francquise)
Gold increased barrier hp and one random Allie gets barrier
Increased heal / Armour boost

Thought id think out of box and think most would agree lol and would be somethi g new to game deplyable barriers etc


I am just thinking what we can use in current game meta and make the game more enjoyable. She seems a support character to me. Last thing we need in HH is another hell bound healer.

Let’s call her: Haywire for now.

Bronze: stimpack
Remove all debuff from 1. If no debuff, small heal.

Silver: haywire protocol
Mark 1 opposing hero. Then all marked opposing hero(es) have all their buffs (or incoming buffs in 5 sec) duration halved. Wouldn’t surprise me if it double the debuff instead. Small DOT with skill increase.

Gold: shield repair protocol
Going with the global theme on gold ability here. All ally heroes’ active shield increase ###pt and have their duration increase by 10%.

Plat: feedback loop.
All heroes damaging haywire will become disoriented for 3 sec. this can only be activated every 10 sec per hero. This is considered an active skill (for Halo). Probably a small passive shield scalable with her gold skill.

That’s the my 2 cents


Bronze - Stun
Silver - Power up weapon damage
Gold - Drone attack
Platinum - Health and armor bonus


Name: Propaganda
bronze: Fakenews - covers the battlefield in monitors showing fake news disorienting and stunning opponent
Silver: CreateBuzz - charges up random allies profile increasing attack speed.
Gold: Headline: Release audio drones to boost all allies damage
Plat: No place to hide: destroys opponent’s cover and repairs your own


Name : Rainbow Kitten
And he is,
not she… there’s nothing wrong with a guy with charming long straight healthy hair, right?
looked like a biochem hero… is his gun glaring blue or light green color?

His bronze skill will be disorienting … the enemy will confuse and asking among them self, squinting their eyes, thus they’ll doing nothing, hesitate to attack for several seconds…

Silver skill : Mad thought --> he is throwing 1 canister of glugs to the enemy team and then the enemy will shoot each team mate for 1-2 seconds… you know, because they’re fighting each other to get that 1 can of drink…

Gold: Cats rain --> he will be summoning hordes of cats, scratching and biting enemy team… meanwhile this hero just watching a cat video from his wristwatches (in 3D holo, of course)…

Platinum: Lets Party --> All alliance will get 1 canister of glug each, the dead will be revived somehow, all cleansed, bald heroes will grow hair… and all alive alliances will be increased in health, armor and so on… (but only for random time, not the entire mission, because we don’t want this hero to be overpowered and then getting continuous nerf down, do we? )



He can very well be a he. :slight_smile:
But I bet my mom he’s not bio chem.


Bronze - takes control of drone(s) on the board
silver - drunkenly rages
gold - couch stand
plat - resets the game when they are about to lose


I would really love seeing any hero with the above mentioned skills!
Sounds EPIC!


Bronze - Stun
Silver - Power up weapon damage
Gold - Drone attack
Platinum - Health and armor bonus


Gold is a aoe attack


Hmm from what I am gathering despite my gut saying energy hero, I wonder if she is the 7☆ mech character that was teased earlier this month.

Possibly an aggressive hacker type hero, I feel like her abilities below are.

Bronze: disrupt - hacks into enemies hardware and overcharges their system to deal set damage, if the enemy has a shield; deal bonus (set damage or double)

Silver: tactical retreat - deploys an immobilized decoy (# of hp) of the allied hero with the lowest remaining health. The allied hero remains invisible until the decoy is destroyed

Gold: shield reallocation - anytime an ennemi hero loses a shield bonus, this hero gains a shield equal to (%) of the shield that was depleted

platinum: disruption rounds - this hero’s weapon has enhanced ammunition to deal (×) extra damage to enemies who have a shield

I’m a little perplexed in which order the gold and platinum abilities would best be suited. Regardless these are the 4 abilities I am guessing


Name maybe kat, using hacking to stun enemies in some kind of way. I dont know the rest but @Muninn and @Howitzer this would sure be a nice birthday present as I just celebrated mine on the 22nd! :grin: of course Brogan would be too!
Nothing like a little wishful thinking! Lol


Bronze forces target to attack teammate and does additional dmg x skill level
Silver targets with the most uncharged skill and recharges their skills up to x seconds. can be activated partially. recharged amount equal to time skill was not used up to max x seconds
Gold bronze’s express delivery. a random teammate receives a drink that gives them faster skill recharge.
Plat when express delivery is activated, teammate receives + X armor


It’s 25th almost 1800 here in uk any update to the contest and or next months calendar?


It’s 19.00 here in Sweden. :slight_smile: In far Asia it should be the 26th already. Kind of.

In US where the developers are it’s about lunch time. They need full bellies to present the winners!


lol 1:30 mins more for 26th sept


Heeiii… Chill guys… The developer never said in what year they will reveal the new heroes :joy:

Anyway, what date is it in Vancouver right now?


From Facebook:

Hunters! Min will be joining the Hunt in our October Update coming soon!! Congratulations to our Contest Winners!

Danny Duarte | Trevor Fox | Rollyhead | GIR | Sing | Lurking_Garbage | Sogui

Edit: Since the message said to “get in touch” I just wanted to confirm that my account is [LOK1] FORCEFULCJS