New Hero Contest 2


Oh dang, must be a lucky user then


I’m going to guess Callidus’s fraternal twin.


I think he was an autonmus drone that soon gaind it’s own thoughts on it’s own then the Klg captured and brainwashed it to be a part of the black ops division


You guys… Contest is closed.

Also, admins, you really ought to keep a habit of posting all items in all channels (especially here, Facebook, and in-game).
In this case, the lack of a comment could mean passionate users writing 500 word backstories and then holding a grudge when they find out from another user that the contest is closed. Or, a person who entered earlier wins but doesn’t know they’ve won because they don’t have a Facebook account. Very avoidable situations that could be resolved via a 2-minute ‘contest is closed, here are the winners’ comment and an amending of the OP.

A second example of information not being shared well can be seen with the recent announcement on Facebook of an impending update including three new skins. Arguably this is not an overly consequential announcement, however, as a rule of thumb, if an announcement is worthy of posting to Facebook, odds are it’s worthy of being announced in the announcement section of the official forum.

More consequential than the differences between information received on the forum vs social media A vs social media B, however, is the lack of any information received by the vast majority of users (ie those that are not members of the forums or fans on Facebook).
When shit goes down, these members often end up (a) not knowing a behind-the-scenes change has even happened (b) being confronted by the change with no knowledge of what is going on, or © learn a, likely skewed/negative, version of what is going on through a game of telephone in global/vip/alliance chat.
All three of these scenarios have negative implications and could be easily avoided.

Examples of each of the above scenarios:
(A) If a user does not have an active alliance and they are not a VIP, they are almost certainly oblivious to many behind-the-scene changes that can drastically affect gameplay. I don’t recall how front-and-centre the message that accompanies updates is, but I don’t recall it having much space dedicated to which heroes have been buffed and nerfed and a link to learn more specifics. Not knowing this, means they will be frustrated that they are inexplicably losing more and either blame you or blame hackers and then ragequit.
(B) The impact on users can be even more frustrating when the app undergoes a change that the user actually knows happened, but they have no information about. New players are often confused as to why their co-ops stop working, which is something that is easily avoidable by, for example, letting users know an update is live, that they should update to be able to do their co-ops, and how to force an update.
© the final, and arguably most important, reason you should have a protocol around messaging players in-game about changes, is because the lack of information feeds into chaos and misinformation, and means the crowd (a fickle beast) are the only place to turn for information. When the iOS update got delayed, the ‘reasons’ for the delay seen in chat included conspiracy theories about Android vs iOS favoritism, an incompetent dev forgetting to submit the update, denial of the update by Apple because of spyware/malware, etc. Now, I get that you may not want to be overly forthright as to what the specific issue is in these scenarios, but letting users know what the official word is means you reduce the need for frantic speculation and get ahead of the story / control the narrative and can avoid a debacle.

There was a slight improvement in this latest SNAFU (the recent bounty debacle) where a message went out eventually to explain what happened. So, credit where credit is due, at least there was a message to users, but really this should have been sent beforehand rather than after. The bounty change was one that was, in my opinion, a positive one, but the fact that it appeared to be a bug of some sort meant thelat, yet again, the angry chat mob was the only source of information people could turn to, and resulted in what could have been a positive change being a catastrophe.

Oh and Anvil seems cool :slight_smile:


Who are the winners in this contest by the way? PS: i cant open facebook. :sweat:


Anvil :zap::robot:: Darrell Goodrich | Enrique Paolo Catuncan Jr. | Papa_Marsh | RockSolidQuest100 | Munchlax_mercado | Lurking_Garbage


oh… i see… thanks @GIR… i read @Papa_Marsh answer, and i was like, “did he made that answer or did he just read that somewhere and have knowledge of it” because his answer was like a storyline from a somewhere. :slight_smile: i was overwhelmed with it, and it made me curious of where did he get that. Actually i was hoping to read a story of this hero hunters or ,looking forward to it, a movie. :sweat_smile: