New Hero Contest 2


Anvil is a battle automation like fortress.He was created as a prototype by halloway to aid him in battle. But one day while fighting against kurtz, anvil malfunctioned and started attacking hia allies the UAF. Kurtz took advantage of this situation, brainwashed anvil and recruited him to kurtz lawgivers.And,in order to recover his creation, his brother, halloway created his holo technology.


Wow he looks like a badass carwashing robot.


In his former life, Anvil was the head researcher on a team investigating new methods of power storage. He was nearly killed in the events of Zero Day, which wiped out his family and left his body scarred and broken. Anvil’s spirit was undiminished though, he vowed to uncover the cause of Zero Day and sought revenge against those responsible.

With his lab destroyed, Anvil lacked the support necessary to pursue those goals. He was able to barely survive those hard years by scavenging power tech that would keep his heart beating against all odds. It wasn’t until he crossed paths with Kurtz that he gained the resources he needed to see his vision fulfilled.

Kurtz chose the codename Anvil for this man after seeing that the physical and psychological blows of Zero Day, which had shattered countless others, had only hardened Anvil’s resolve. He also chose the name because he knew Anvil’s peerless mastery of power technology would make him the forge upon which he would build a new generation of mechs and hovercraft that would give him the edge in future conflicts with the UAF. Anvil was all too happy to do such work for Kurtz, but his desire for revenge wouldn’t be quenched with such indirect support, it was only inevitable then that Anvil developed a prototype suit for himself which would allow him to join the battlefield and see the perpetrators of Zero Day shattered against his indomitable will.


Anvil was a science experimentation.


Support or damage and healing


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Anvil was a part of a covert special forces group within the UAFA. He helped create the power armor worn by fellow UAFA members Panzer, Hivemind and Halloway.

During a special mission deep into the jungles outside the city, he was hurt and Col Wesson ordered the team to leave him. This didn’t sit well with Butter, but orders are orders and he pulled out the team leaving Anvil to die. During his time in the jungle he was exposed to nuclear radiation and during the recovery mission the Rangers stumbled upon him. Not yet dead, Wesson gives the order to eliminate all witnesses. Before Mandrake and Prophet can carry out the order a KLG scout team launches an attack and chases them off.

Steele recognizes Anvil and brings him back to camp where Kurtz gives him aid and a containment suit. While recovering Kurtz interrogates and plants seeds of discontent. He tells him about how Col. Wesson had ordered him abandoned and later to be eliminated. This causes Anvil to go into a rage and retreat into a workshop where he develops his power armor. His shoulder canon channels the radiation in his body and releases it in a blast meant to destroy his enemies. He now seeks redemption and revenge against the UAF, UAFA, and more importantly Col. Wesson!

Anvil is coming!!!


Anvil was a former UAF airborne, being friends with Halloway. sharing knowledge on creating energy blaster, until one day, Anvil left the team and went to Kurtz to form new alliance without saying a word to the UAFs. :sweat_smile:


He was trained to be the next Halloway, but something went wrong and became a totally different design from the original; & probably can’t stand Halloway


Anvil used to work for a large power company until there was an accident, he was filled with electricity and now uses this power as a hero



Before the war that ravaged the planet into one enormous battlefield and would see humanity divided and faction-ed, Anvil was a scientist researching new ways to produce self generating and self sustainable energy devices. The intent to move away from fossil fuels and the like.

However, during the initial strikes that would see the world torn apart and send cities crumbling, most of his research was lost. Kurtz, after raiding a particular city recognized the scientist (among those captured) from his various show cases of his advancements and achievements into energy harnessing technology.

Anvil now convinced (by Kurtz) that the UAF are responsible for the wars, loss of his family and the destruction of his research, is determined to have his vengeance. He has also recently learnt that a fellow scientist and colleague, Halloway, has managed to steal and replicate some of his research. This has only fueled is hatred and thirst for vengeance against all those that would oppose the KLG regime.



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Ok let me try again.

Exclusive Interview with Anvil!
by Sing

Sing: So Anvil, welcome to the Hunt, you’re gonna be making your debut soon, tell us how’re you feeling!

Anvil: Yeah pretty good. Right now we’re ironing out some bugs and all that - but minor. My costume design is all done, that’s a relief. It’s a little too tight around the groin, I’m hopin they’ll fix that soon but otherwise, all good.

Sing: Tell us about yourself.

Anvil: Ya know, I’m really surprised I wuz selected to be a Hero, you know. I used to work in something totally unrelated… uhmmm… makin films of the sexy kind ya know… Anyway I guess someone from KLG saw I was pretty nifty with guns and shit and hired me. Having been selected to be a Hero, I wanna give a good account of myself you know what I mean.

Sing: That’s cool. So what kind of hero are you gonna be?

Anvil: Well I wanna be the best hero I can be, man! I heard the community been asking for a sick DPS burst hero for months and I TELL YOU I HAVE HEARD THEIR VOICE. I’m here to deliver the SMACK in Smackdown, the GG in… GG and the … umm… the … VICTOR in Victory!

SIng: That sounds great. What else?

Anvil: I tell ya the honest truth tho man. I seen that Panzer and she damn dangerous bud. I seen Energy powerhouses fall like flowers being trampled on by that beetch. Oracle, Fortress, even re-worked Gammond still damn weak to her. But what gives me hope is that Min got Dogface good and proper and I’m hoping to do the same to Panzer. I’m here to deliver the SMACK in Smackdown… uhh wait I think I said that already.

Sing: And your skills?

Anvil: Umm, not finalised yet. As you can see from the video I have this huge thingy on my right shoulder that shoots out plasma-type liquid, it’s fuckin unstoppable. Puts the hurt on them bio heroes and may I just Emphasise, bro, Emphasise, that IT IS TIME SOMEONE PUT THE HURT ON MANDRAKE AND IFRIT. And I’m here to do that job.

I still worried bout Panzer tho.

Sing: What else do you hope to achieve as a Hero in Hero Hunters?

Anvil: Well I hope to sell lotta crates for HHG ya know what I mean, they gotta put food on the table and shit. They workin hard to fix the bounty fiasco which got all of you good players out there upset with them. They were lucky that the pumpkin event kinda took the heat off them, but some peeps (think you too, Sing), still remember all that negative shit. So I’m hopin to help HHG out if I can, that’s what Heroes do.

Sing: Wanna say anything to your friends and family?

Anvil: Nah I got no friends or family. Got lot of girlfriends tho. They callin me up every weekend for good time with Anvil, but Anvil sometimes gotta say No and do my fighting practice.

Sing: Well that’s all we can cover for now, thanks for the interview Anvil!

Anvil: Yeah cheers buddy, peace out. I HOPE THE DEVS LET YOU WIN ME FOR THIS GREAT INTERVIEW!

Sing: Aww thanks buddy, it’s much appreciated.


Started off as a young promising soldier of the UAF, close friend to Halloway, Kurtz destroyed everything and murdered Anvil’s family, he kidnapped the young Anvil, turning him into his own apprentice.


He is flatline father !


Winners are presented on Facebook (Lurking won again for instance) and they also presented the October Update 2 coming soon and hinted 3 skins: Steele, Panzer and I think Gammond.
Anvil will come in the October Update 2 (not the November update).


I won again. But like isnt that unfair?

Edit: like so many people joined in this time but this idiot still won? I ain’t complaining, but I must be a better writer than I thought.


A bit yeah but you did good job.
Before you there was a Facebook user claiming the prize several times in a row (3 if I recall correctly).

You’re setting a standard for a winning formula. Next month you’ll see me delivering PROPER backstory like no one ever saw it before.