New Hero Concept: Rory Huricane - The Metalhead


Mechanical Hero
Faction: none

His passion for music is so strong that it even distorts the battlefield.
Thanks to his solos, he is able to medicate and strengthen his allies.

Hp 3/5
Armour 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 4/5

Bronze: Never Say Die - he plays a solo that regenerates the health of the allies.

  • more time he play the solo and more health regenerates
  • during the solo, Rory remains defenseless

Silver: Warriors Dawn - plays a solo that enhances the normal and critical damage of the allies for 10 seconds.

  • during the solo, Rory remains defenseless

Gold: Master Exploder - the enemy who interrupts Rory during a solo, is struck by a violent explosion

Platinum: Metal Storm - a counter is activated, the faster the fire button is pressed, the more normal damage increases.

  • the counter reaches 10.
  • each charge increases the damage by 5%.
  • if you slow down or stop, the counter returns to 0.
  • if you use an ability the counter stops.

Rory does not have a real weapon, but a special electric guitar that shoots rays from the tip of the handle (I do not remember the name) and when the “ammunition” ends, Rory re-adjusts

Appearance: it is very similar to Slash, with a black T-shirt, ripped jeans, black boots and a studded bracelet on the right arm.
His long, curly and black hair covers his eyes.