New Hero Concept: Oneshot

Oneshot is a legendary sniper with uncanny accuracy and skill. Rumors say that he obtained his ability from the devil in exchange for being only to use one bullet. Indeed, he always retrieves his golden invincible bullet himself or using his handy magnetic glove. His ability is so incredible that some say he can shoot bullets with his bullet. In any case, he still works as a mercenary for hire with a hefty price. And he always tells his clients to be careful, to be patient, because he only has one chance —one shot.

Faction: bio
Position: rearline

His weapon acts like a standard sniper with increased damage and speed but the reload time is a bit longer.

Bronze, One Shot: he shoots a bullet with headshot and critical guaranteed, and boosts critical damage by a certain amount for a limited time

Silver, Legend’s Defense: He calculates positions then shoots a shot that ricochets off of ten enemy bullets, negating their damage, then returns to him, granting him a shield and armor.

Gold, One Chance: whenever Oneshot misses the shot has a 75% chance to ricochet. Whenever Oneshot deals a headshot he deals bonus elemental damage.

Platinum, One’s Revenge: when Oneshot dies, all enemies magazine capability is reduced by half for five seconds. In addition, all allies have increased accuracy and fire rate during this time.