New Hero Concept - Hunter: The Suicide Sniper


Mechanical Hero
Faction: Mercenaries

Hp 2/5
Armour 1/5
Damage 5/5
Skills 5/5

Watch out from this fool!
in order to do more damage, he’s willing to sacrifice his own life

I already know that you think, “he fall to the ground with a puff”.
but trust me, I did it on purpose.
The enormous damage compensates for the lack of life.

Bronze: K Bullet - Charge the rifle with a large caliber projectile, which ignores 50% of the armor and destroys the cover, but has a 50% chance of killing Hunter for the kickback.

Silver: AT Granade - Throw a powerful grenade that hits enemies in a medium range

Gold: Adrenalin - when he reaches 25% of life, the charging speed increases.

Platinum: heads or cross - If Hunter dies as for effect of “K Bullet”, the allied heroes receive a bonus damage, while if he kills the enemy, he and the allies receive a regeneration bonus.

Appearance: a very thin man in desert camouflage uniform, with a brown cloak / hood covering head and shoulders, the face is covered by a bandana on the mouth and a big pair of glasses.

His weapon is a Maroszek wz. 35, low rate of fire, low charging speed, but huge damage.

If he will be implemented in the game, he will be a 5-star hero.

Special Thanks to Albertolm33, google translator and to HH that I’m sure one day they will accept one of my heroes.


Nice concept but too risky of a hero
50% is a high death rate and would set ur team to a disadvantage


Well, if you put him in a team with Flatline, Ifrit and other doctors of your choice, the chances of survival increase.
And indeed 50% is more than good, already he do a lot of damage, if the probability of death was lower or I did not put it right, he would result a literally op hero.