👫 New Hero Concept - Afterburn & Myst: Lovers Torn Apart


Diego & Madge; they once loved each other in close marriage. That was before the war…
…now all that remains is bitterness and grief.

Afterburn (Diego) | Handsome Rouge - Fearful Father - Heat Technician | Mechanical

A former Patriot who was pressed into the service of the KLG Irregulars, Afterburn is doing anything he can to protect his young daughter from Kurtz’s malicious hand. Armed with a Heatwave Arm Cannon, Afterburn applies consistent damage to enemies, forcing them to seek cover and to change positions. He can apply fuel canisters to shoot a withering blast of flame, as well as a heatshield to absorb Bio-chemical attacks.

Bronze - Afterburn - Applies a fuel canister to shoot a withering blast of fire (similar to Anvil’s Arc Blast). Deals x damage and lights a single enemy on fire, causing stagger and ammo reload.

Silver - Heat Shield - Throws a heat-emitting grenade that absorbs 90% of all Bio-Chem attacks, 40% of Mechanical attacks, and 0% of Energy attacks (even though Bio-chem is strong against mechanical; Energy and Bio-Chem can be switched if needed).

Gold - Hot Seat - Basic attacks have high% chance of causing the enemy to reposition. Enemies caught out of cover receive 120%-150% increased vulnerability.

Platinum - Wrathful Sympathy - Enemies hit with Afterburn will automatically taunt with 120%-150% increased vulnerability for x seconds. The marked enemy, as a result, receives the full wrath of this hero’s team.

Myst (Madge) | Enigmatic Hunter - Concealment Tech - Unsettled Wife and Daughter | Energy

The separated wife of Afterburn (and the daughter of Mandrake :open_mouth:), Myst was torn between the affection of her husband, and the cult that her father participated in. When the war unfolded and her husband pressed into KLG service, Myst descended into mental instability and Schizophrenia, following in her father’s footsteps. Myst is armed with a lethal revolver rifle and phase concealment grenades. She uses her abilities to conceal her allies and impair enemies from attacking.

Bronze - Wound - A well placed shot from her rifle leaves an enemy crouched for x seconds, dealing x damage and additionally rooting and silencing them.

Silver - Vanish - This hero throws a grenade that gives Myst and her allies invisibility for x seconds, although she receives silence for the duration of the ability.

Gold - Ghost - This hero gains additional invisibility when she or an ally kills an enemy while Vanish is active. (Silence duration does not increase).

Platinum - Cultist - This hero gains x health, and x attack damage for each Ranger alive on the battlefield. All allied Rangers gain x health.

With the elusive Rangers raiding KLG supplies, Deigo knows full well what he might expect as he’s sent in to counter them. He knows he might see her, although whether she will remember him could determine his life or death. As they say, all is fair in love…

…and war.



Please leave a comment if you like the idea! I think having related heroes would be really cool, as well as heroes who don’t like their faction. Maybe it adds to the story/depth of the HH universe :wink:

November Update Notes

Oof its John Wick
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November Update Notes

I love those two characters, I really want to see them in HH although I would like a bit more history …


I think that having heroes like thesewill be an awesome idea( especially the rangers hero)