New February 2019 Hero Contest - Winners Announced!


Bucket’s Bucket List

  1. Become a leader of her tribe
  2. Unite the warring clans
  3. Prove to the world how strong the Shoremen are
  4. Improve the living standards of her people

She has grown up in a world encumbered by strife and has vowed to change that for her people. Since birth life has been a struggle to survive down in the docks. Work is limited and and food is scarce. Tribes raid a pillage each other or coerced into being henchmen for other factions. She grows tired of defending her own land against fellow Shoremen. Her dream is coming through as she is working her way to being recognized as a leader among most of her people. It did come easy for her since women are not usually held in high regard for leaders roles. This isn’t stopping her because of her iron will to survive. Her tactics on the frontline help squash piety differences among warring tribes. With the support of the commoners she is moving sights toward improving overall wealth of her people. She refuses to backdown and continually pushing forward.


Even Bucket wasn’t excited about her HH debut.

For one, her name wasn’t heroic, or inspiring or anything, it just kinda sucked.

Second, she looked too much like Kobold (or a cross between Kobold, Ghoul and Scum), and those looks ranked high in the underwhelming stakes. She wished she could have been designed to look as cool as Prophet, or Moss or even Sapphyre :frowning:

And third, her skills… sheesh she was kinda hoping to get something better but the dev in charge of designing her was on holiday leave most of the time!

Poor Bucket. Nothing goes that well for her in life, always drawing the short end of the stick…

… But you know what? That’s our Bucket, she thrives in adversity.

She’ll come good, no matter what poor start she’s been handed.

Let’s watch her rise to the top, one sloshy, wet and soaked step at a time.


Created as a sister to Kobold but discarded as her creator ran out of time. Dogface being good at creating anything from nothing came across used parts one day dumped on waste ground in a bucket. Once created, Bucket ran away to people who didn’t know her embarrassing origins


can anyone read my story


I read it. It’s creative and good! Keep it up and good luck in future contests! :slight_smile:


Only 2 winners… Next time I will. Also write a whole book… Lol


When will the hero spotlight come out? Want to see the skills.

I bet Bucket will be a reverse Kobold, reverse healing and reverse buffing her enemies


Probably today or right before the update tomorrow.


Lol I think update will come after bounty …:thinking::thinking:


So I guess we’re back to when heroes were available only by purchasing them, right? It happened with Brogan and now with this one… Pity.