New Faction of my creation: S.W.A.T


An ironic name for a group of criminals.
This group of bloodthirsty madmen, are the most powerful and dangerous clan in circulation.
They mercilessly attack anyone who dares to invade their territory.
Everyone fear them and are afraid of them, even the FAU and the KLG prefer to avoid them.

A bit of Backstory: they were formed during the beginning of the war, outcasts, war criminals, assassins… who has more, put more.
Led by an Italo-American mafia boss, they gained power very quickly and now they sow chaos and panic between one attack and the next without brakes.
Clan members:

Hunter - Sniper Suicide

Buster - Crazy Dynamitard (coming soon)

Blaze - Fire Demon (coming soon)

Bunker - Resist is useless (coming soon)

Boss - A Famigghia Prima Ri Tuttu (coming soon)

Chef - Ready to serve (coming soon)

Mery - Daughter of the night

Anyone can be a member of the S.W.A.T., just ask.


Sounds interesting, a cool name indeed


Did you mean UAF?
Also, it’s kinda ironic how the SWAT in real life are meant to prevent chaos, but in this case, they’re amplifying it. I like the idea a lot, though.


@trapstarisu, the Italian translation calls them FAU and by now I’m used to calling it this way, unless I’m the one who cripple the words out and I don’t even know it.